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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
  1. ZoNtO
    A simple Google search would indicate the answer is no. The HD600 itself is a continuation of the HD580 Jubilee Edition.
    I assume this is why you posted your comment, but this year is the 20th anniversary of the HD600's release. An anniversary release would be a great marketing move for Sennheiser.
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  2. DavidA
    Those that wanted to customize the color have already done so I don't think there is much of a market, Colorware only does a select few headphones and have stopped doing the HD-800 and only offer the HD-800S for new headphones, you can still send in your HD-800.
  3. Argyris Contributor
    I think a lot of people who say the HD 600 is ugly haven't actually seen one in person. I say this because I thought the same thing based on pictures, which all seem to make the speckle pattern look higher contrast than it actually is, almost like television static. In reality, as we all know, it's much more subtle, reminding me a little more of labradorite than marble (or static!). The overall design looks better to me in actual fact than it does in pictures as well. I still don't think it's a beautiful headphone by any means (Sennheiser's own Momentum is much nicer looking, IMO), but at least I don't see it as being unnecessarily ugly anymore.
    As ever, taste is individual, and I certainly won't dispute the opinion of actual HD 600 owners who think their headphone is ugly. It's just that lots of people, like the one who started the linked Reddit thread, are likely basing their opinion solely on pictures they found on the Internet.
  4. Happytalk
    My first impression when I got the 600's was that they were ugly. I had already been using he 650's which I thought looked pretty cool. Regardless, I sold the 650's, and kept the 600's
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  5. Argyris Contributor
    It's amazing how you can't see it when it's on your head. Unless you look in a mirror, that is. And even then, I think the HD 6x0 family looks better worn than, say, the premium Beyer headphones, which look a bit like insectoid compound eyes bulging out the sides of your head. That said, Beyers are some of my favorite headphone designs, just not when actually on the head.
  6. PinkyPowers

    Lol. I agree with him, of course. It would be nice if Sennheiser moved away from this ghastly design and gave us something a little more elegant. I know they're capable of it. The Momentum is gorgeous.

    Still, sound comes first. When it sounds like the HD600, buy the ugly headphone.
  7. Arttt
    i like the looks of hd600 , retro is cool )
  8. MWSVette
    +1  Its all about the sound...
  9. PinkyPowers

    Momentum is retro, HD600 is butt.
  10. Arttt
    momentum is fashion item, lot of thought was put in its appearance  , just like with macbook for example ...
    hd600 is a professional studio monitor and was targeting another crowd ... its not made to make you look cool or pretty ...hd600 is all about the sound.
    but if you need something cool and pretty on your head, maybe you should get yourself a Tiara ...
  11. martinrajdl
    Am I the only one who things the HD600s look actually really good ? I prefer their "retro" and orpheus-like design to the new HD800 star trek design. I especially think that the huge grills look great (the HD600s black look a lot better than the HD650s silver ones IMO). Although, I agree that the marble color pattern isn't much to look at and I would prefer something a bit different - not that the HD650s metalic would be much of an upgrade. Sure I think I would look stupid wearing them in the public, but at home, I think they are one of the best-looking headphones out there, maybe even the best, but I still think the Audeze LCD line looks quite a bit better. 
  12. Me x3
    I miss the pattern on my HD650.
    Both HD600 and HD650 are good looking headphones in my book
  13. Midgetguy
    Nope, not the only one. I like how the HD600s look too.
    Also agree with the comments regarding that you don't see them on your head, you just feel them. The Hifiman HEK and HEX are both stellar headphones I've listened to and I absolutely wouldn't mind owning a pair if I had the money. But even more so than the HD600 (at least for those who think the HD600 looks ugly), the Hifimans look ridiculously stupid if you look at yourself in the mirror. But who puts a mirror in front of them while listening with headphones instead of, say a computer monitor or a TV screen?
    My bro has the HD650 and I gotta say, over time, I've come to like the HD600's look more. I used to wish the HD600 had a similar finish to the HD650, but I love it now. They both look good.
  14. UtopiaB
    I think maybe some of us should petition Senny via email and explain to them the merits of why an anniversary edition would most definitely be in order plus sensible and appropriate for this legendary headphone. 20th anniversary!! Doubtless it is worthy of it, c'mon Senny, wake-up, get to it Lol. But seriously, an anniversary edition with maybe a slightly tweaked frequency response pulling the treble peak down a tad and extending the bass a little, F ME, it would sell by the ship load, hell, it would probably become iconic even!
  15. PinkyPowers

    You're in the wrong thread, kid. Everyone here bought the HD600 regardless of their feelings on appearance.

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