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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. TheRealMVT
    What would be a better fit for the HD600, a Schiit Valhalla 2 triode OTL amp or the Lyr 2? The rest of my collection are low impedance/high efficiency phones such as Modded Grados and the Fidelio X2.
    Edit: I'm using the Vali 2 atm with a Philips PCC88 tube.
  2. madwolfa
    I prefer another wording - treble of the certain recordings (usually low-fi) could be problematic with HD 600.
    If it was for the better, every HD600 owner would naturally upgrade, but they don't and HD600 sales remain strong. 
  3. DavidA

    I would say the Valhalla2 would be the better pairing with the headphones that you currently have.  You might also want to consider a amp from Garage 1217 like the Ember, its a more flexible amp with the ability to adjust the output resistance to better match with headphones of various impedances.
  4. madwolfa
    Why not just keep using Vali 2 ?
  5. madwolfa
    I had it briefly - was just too wooly sounding to my taste, exactly as you described. Very much prefer the HD600, it remains in my collection since 2002!
    It just proves that you can't retune a single spec of a headphone without significantly altering the overall balance.
  6. TheRealMVT
    Thank you.
    Good question. In short I feel the need to upgrade my setup since I'd like to buy a HD800 in the not so near future, I'm afraid the Vali2 would not be good enough for that kind of a can. I've setup email notifications for when a used pair comes into my price range in my area. I want to go and take my gear with and do a listen before I buy: bring the Modi2u, the Vali2 or possibly the Vallhalla and my HD600 to AB.
    If the Valhalla sounds good enough with the HD600 I might nog even have to, who knows. I'd prefer to upgrade the amp first and try it out.
  7. raybone0566
    The 650 only sounds wooly when it isn't amped properly.
  8. madwolfa
    Right. Meanwhile HD600 sounds great out of a $200 stereo deck. Let's just agree that HD650 sound signature is not to everyone's liking.
  9. mothmanex
    Anybody with the Valhalla 2 has a recommendation for custom tubes?
    Currently have 2 setups, for work I have a Magni 2 + Modi Uber 2 and for my home have a Valhalla 2 + Bifrost Uber. The home setup is better but tires me faster than the work one (I am using Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural dsp for Foobar2000 to help with that).
  10. notfitforpublic

    Check the Valhalla Tube rolling thread here.
    Page 34 I tried to sum up the tubes I've used with the 600. Its not exactly comprehensive and super coherent so feel free to ask questions in that thread. I too found the Valhalla a little fatiguing with the 600's on stock tubes.
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  11. Pahani
    I'm actually amazed that headphones with a single driver can sound as good as they do when compared to multi-driver speakers.
  12. StanD
    Perhaps it's just the recording. I think the HD600 is an excellent example of neutral. If one wants to experience a grating treble, IMO, look at the HD700.
  13. DavidA

    If you are looking at the HD-800 I would start looking at a BH Crack or better for them, tried the Valhalla2 and HD-800 once at a friends house, it was quite bright and not very musical to me.  When I first got my HD-800 I only had the Ember, Lyr2 and Asgard2, none were a good match for the HD-800, almost sold them until I built a BH Crack.  The HD-800S is different, I think the Valhalla2 might pair good with it since I actually liked the HD-800S with SS amps (MHA-100, Master 11 and Liquid Gold) when I got to listen to them a while back at a friends house.
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  14. Midgetguy
    Dang it man! That looks nice. But you still don't have any headphone meets nearby, so I've got one up on you here in Seattle [​IMG]
  15. UtopiaB
    It hasn't been an issue with me either. If there is any sibilance in any recording or any headphone I hear it every time, and can't tolerate it, and I suspect that no one can tolerate it, but I haven't heard any sibilance in the HD600, which leads me to believe that those people hearing it are using a bad DAC. I know for sure that some DACs are creating harshness in the music, and the only time I ever hear sibilance in the HD600 is when it's in the song, not being caused by the HD600. I just wish people would stop blaming the HD600 for something it isn't causing. People shoulod check their shi_ty DAC and check their music, because one of those two are causing the problem, or both the music and the DAC together. Would anyone like to be accused of something they're not guilty of? Just sayin, meaning most 600 users don't complain about hearing sibilance from it, only a minority of HD600 users mention it. I do know that when I did tests I noticed the SABRE ES9018-K2M DAC causes a bit of harshness.
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