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Sennheiser HD 6,7 & 8 DJ thread. Opinions, reviews, feedback, pics, discussions, etc.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerryberry, Jan 11, 2014.
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  1. Jerryberry

    NEW SENNHEISER DJ LINE ...Opinions, reviews, feedback, pics, discussions, etc.

    Great looking set of can inspired by the HD25s/Amperior line. The top model in the new Professional DJ line of Headphones - the Sennheiser HD8 DJ HAS REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE [​IMG]
    Official product page here:
    Great hands on of the top of the line DJ 8 model from Endgadget :
    Some Pics
  2. ThickGlasses
    I really like the look of the HD6 Mix, possible future purchase.
  3. Oregonian
    I'm interested, good looking, likely with typical Senn comfort. Anyone seen pricing info?
  4. Bocefuss4500
    They have been priced ...
    $280 HD6
    $329 HD7
    $389 HD8
  5. Oregonian

    Thanks................now I want some impressions.  If the HD25 sound sig was the model, maybe these are nice tight basshead phones.................being DJ's I'd say thats a good chance. 
  6. DJ George T
    Again, why? Seriously Sennheiser, you ate going to have to discontinue the HD25 to sell these Iinferior headphones.
  7. ThickGlasses
    You ain't even heard em' dude, give them a chance.
  8. Tony6225
    Give it up already george. The HD25 is good but they certainly have their weaknesses. No reason to feel threatened. You are not your headphones (Tyler Durden Voice). It won't be hard for a company like Sennheiser to best themselves, especially with the on-ear limitation gone.
    Gilly87 likes this.
  9. DJ George T

    The HD25 has no weaknesses for djing. These headphones are a cheesy attempt by Sennheiser to sell more headphones. These will not become industry standard. Mark my words.
  10. epithetless
    No thanks. [​IMG]
    Thracian and So Far like this.
  11. Tony6225
    Rofl you have to be joking. How dare Sennheiser try to out-do themselves and make money in the process. You sure do have quite the opinion about something you havent had a chance to even hear. BTW, since when were the HD25's the industry standard? Maybe a decade ago?
  12. Eugguy
    What is the release date of the HD8? Anyone know?
  13. Eugguy

    Your word/post is a bit cheesy. This is an appreciation thread. No one is forcing you to spend your allowance on new headphones...

    HD25s are sibilant at higher levels of monitoring. They also have that jabbing, punchy bass. The HD25s strengths were its durability and light-weight factor. Also the ability to repair/mod parts is very easy. They were also easily powered with any DJ mixer. I've owned them for 7 years thinking that they were the best thing since sliced bread. Definitely a good headphone. As for industry standard, I don't find that true. These look like they can be a real winner.
  14. HiFiGuy528
    I like that it comes with extra ear pads and cables.  The design is very nice too!  Can't wait to see them in person at NAMM.
  15. Mach Supremacy
    If not for the sound I'd be willing to get them for pure aesthetics! Look at those blue accents....
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