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Sennheiser HD 598 VS AKG Q 701 as a upgrade from ATH AD700's

  1. H60Ninja
    I have read that to get full potential of the akg q701 a good headphone amp is recommended. I only have a $250 budget for this upgrade and would not be able to get a headphone amp right away so would my sound blaster z be powerfull enough to drive the akg's or would the HD598's be easier to drive? I have looked up the specs for the sound blaster z and it says 
    1. 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack driven by the 600 Ohm Maxim MAX97220 amp

    So no using line out for the headphones but if the z's headphone amp is enough to drive the akg's I really like them but I would settle for the HD598's if not. Thanks for any and all help  
    Edit- I will be using them for 50/50 gaming/music.
  2. ska-YJ
    I think Q701 is totally overcome HD598.
  3. H60Ninja
    Well they are about the same price but Im just scared of getting the q701's and not be able to use them properly and just sit there till I get a amp for them.
  4. Trunks159
    Get the Sony mdr ma900.
  5. H60Ninja
    Hmm? I'll take a look at them, thanks.
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would assume it's fairly easy for the Sound Blaster Z's headphone amplifier to drive the 62-Ohm AKG Q701s.
    You can always posting your Q701 questions on this thread.
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