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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. fallrsk
    Grainy treble?! Haha, throw on a pair of mdr7506 and your ears may bleed.. Are you sure yours are authentic Senns?
    There's a beautifully detailed treble that's just a smidge smoothed, the graphs and my ears definitely agree on that. Using a corrective eq on these actually makes them sound "dirtier" and veils the refined highs..

    Maybe just anatomical differences which i believe definitely make a huge difference here.
  2. funkisound
    ^ No I didn't use an EQ. Yes, the graphs should indicate a smooth treble, but FR graphs don't always say everything. 
    And @ the other guys, I didn't let them burn in so it didn't play for much hours yet, maybe 8-9 total (used both the STX and onboard, not much difference in the highs, just very thin bass with the STX). I think I'll just give them more time and let them burn in a bit because I really do like pretty much everything else about the headphone (except that they don't fit very well), and while I prefer neutral I dig this warm sound too, so the only real problem are these highs for me. I don't know if dirty or grainy are the best terms, but I'd say they highs are just not very refined in my view. Maybe they'll smoothen out a bit and it'll probably be okay then, because even now it's not really "terrible" or anything but it is audible to me (except maybe with low qual mp3s) and does affect the sound a bit.
  3. DaejeonCitizen

    I just put on the 598s to listen to some music last night, since I'd mostly been using them for gaming for the last few months. So I suppose about 2 months. They're still my go to for gaming and movies but for music I much prefer the Sonys.
  4. amnesiac75
    I have about 10 hours on my 598se so tonight I did some a/b testing with my older 598s (300-400 hours of use) and I find them to sound identical trained ears may hear a difference but I do not the only difference I notice is the older pads are a bit softer from use.
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  5. Arunabha Lahiri

    My source is an ipod nano 7g. I don't think this boom is of any problem though. I guess the music is just like that. When I am listening to certain songs of Billy Joel, there's hardly any boom or thump.

    I believe the thump in the songs I am noticing is originally present there. This is my first headphone. So I guess I am finding things in music I haven't before. I am coming from klipsch s4i iems.

    I have heard that these are balanced headphones, when I found that the bass is this powerful I was just fairly surprised.

    I will listen to the music you recommended. Thanks.

    By the way these are awesome headphones. The sound is natural and really detailed. I am not missing even a single instrument. And these are good for heavy rock and metal too.

    I am enjoying this experience.
  6. Badbeams
    I'm hoping for a bit more bass as they break in. They might be neutral down low...but think I would prefer a tad more bass none the less. Probably over ten hours on them...not sure I hear any differences from the first hour...
  7. LazyListener

    It may be helpful to some readers to know how the Sony's compare to the 598SE's in specific sound signature qualities.  The Sony's are closed back correct?  So I assume they have more potent bass, but a much smaller soundstage (less spacious and 3 dimensional).
    If you could post some details on how specifically they differ in sound, that would be appreciated.
  8. LazyListener

    I also have less than 10 hours on my 598SE's, and am still hoping for more potent and resonant bass, as well as a slight smoothing of the treble.  I had the beige 598s for a month before these and I swear they sounded better.  Not once did I complain about the sound of those.  They were superb from day one.
  9. ztreb185
    Got mine today. Loving the black, definitely a keeper.
    Unsure what to do with the ivory ones.
  10. LazyListener

    I know what you can do with the Ivory ones.  Compare their sound to the black ones, back and forth, over extended listening sessions, both now and after about 50 hours burn in on the black, and let me (and us) know if you hear any differences.  [​IMG]
    I swear my beige/ivory ones had more potent, defined, and resonant bass, and the treble wasn't quite as sharp.  I'm hearing some sibilance on some songs that I never heard on my beige ones.  Also I remember when listening to the beige ones, I was constantly admiring the soundstage and their ability to capture the ambiance and room acoustics of the recording.  I'm not getting this with the black ones, at least not at the same level.  Background instruments and vocals also don't stand out as much and are more difficult to hear.
    The biggest indicator to me of different sound is that with the beige ones, I kept going back to them over and over to listen to stuff.  I don't find myself doing that with the black ones.
    It's too bad I had to return the beige ones before the return period expired after I ordered the SE's during black friday.  Now I can't compare them side by side.  I may have to order another pair of beige ones again just to put my mind at ease.
    Anyway, congrats on owning both now.  I hope you enjoy them, or whichever you decide to keep.
  11. DaejeonCitizen

    Certainly. The Sonys are indeed closed back, however their soundstage is wide and expansive. They really don't sound like closed back cans at all from a soundstage point of view. The bass is obviously much more present on these due to their design, however I wouldn't call it bloated or muddy; I'd describe it as thick but tight and not at all overbearing. Mids are slightly recessed and the treble is very crisp. In comparison to the  598s, I would honestly say that the Sonys excel in all areas. The 598 sounds very thin. The 598s are probably a flatter sound, but the Sony is infinitely more exciting. 
    Just my two cents.
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  12. DangerClose
    Your mention of sharp treble, and hope their treble smooths out a little more, surprises me. My SE already sounds like the notes kind of have their edges rounded off.  A trait I expected after hearing the HD558.  I guess being picky my new SE does technically have a slight sibilance, but compared to something like the harsher Q701 it has none. On a lower bitrate song, the SE can sound pleasant while the Q701 can literally make me wince.    
    The bass is surprisingly strong imo, up to a point.  Down to around kick-drum level, but lower than that is less present.  Though there is an overall warmness and resonance that helps keep the bass from sounding lesser than it otherwise might.  
    The wide soundstage is impressive, but it's narrow.  Like most of the sounds are going straight left-right through my head.  Vocals seem "stretched out" in the front, and the front of the soundstage is mushed against my face or inside my head.  Everyone becomes a "close talker."  This was already a criticism I had for the no-foam 558, and the 598 does it even more.  Height is good not great.    
    It's like sitting in the front row of a movie theater.  
    Just some early observations on the SE. 
  13. LazyListener

    Thanks for sharing.  Very helpful.
  14. LazyListener

    Thanks for sharing.  The sound you're describing is more like what the beige ones sounded like to me.  I have the Q701 now, and the sibilance is less pronounced on those than the 598SE.  There is more treble on the Q701 overall, but it's clean and doesn't offend in any way.  The 598SE must have a slight treble peak somewhere because of the sibilance on some songs, and things like electronic handclaps sounding a bit harsh especially at higher volume.  To me the 598SE sounds less bassy and warm and more thin and bright than the beige 598 I had.  This is of course relative.  The 598SE still sounds somewhat warm overall with mostly smooth highs, but less so than the beige 598s.
  15. Badbeams
    I'm really struggling to like mine. My older than dirt PX-100's, that I've babied all these years on account of the thin crappy wires, sound more open...more alive, vibrant. The 598 sound muffled by comparison. The sound stage is more precise on the 598's...but that's all they have going to their benefit to my ears. Up to 15 hours now...and still, every time I switch over to the old PX 100's...just sounds like a curtain is lifted. Still hopeful more break in time will do some magic. Also the bass, while going fairly low just does not seem to be punchy...have to really turn the volume up to sense punch...but then it's uncomfortably loud for extended listening. 
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