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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Ryu86
    I think i have a problem with my hd598, it seems louder on the left side. It's not an evident difference but i feel like the singer is in front of my left eye.
    I tried different cables, different source, i tried to invert sides but the result is the same: the left side is slightly louder. It could be normal?
  2. Badbeams
    Maybe try a mono Youtube video...this one sounds centered in mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEZ7oU-7AHs
  3. Badbeams
    Try a mono recording...type in review of HD 598 on Youtube and pick one. If it still sounds like the voice is more to the left, and you have tried different sources...(and your ears are clean)...might indeed be an issue with the HD 598 you received. Do other headphones correct the centering issue?
  4. Ryu86
    I'm pretty sure my hd598 are "defective". The difference is minimal but i can hear it with a mono recording and a blind test.
    My other headphones (Cal) don't suffer this problem. I'll ask for a replacement when they come back in stock.
  5. Badbeams
    Yea I would. Just don't wait so long that you run past the return period....
  6. Ryu86

    I bought them from amazon.it and unluckily this product (hd598 Special Edition) is disappeared from their site.. i can ask for a refund but i paid 99 euro for them and with this amount of money i can't buy not even the hd518..
    I like very much the way they sound so i really want them.
  7. Mr Rick
    You might want to read over the following thread.
  8. DaejeonCitizen
    Hi all, long time reader but have never posted on this thread.
    I've had the 598s for around 3 years now and have always been very happy with them. All that changed when I got the 'portable' Sony MDR-100AAP. I now cannot stand to listen to the 598s. Let me be clear - I adored these cans for years, but for me, the 'portable' Sony's just blow them away. I find the bass nonexistent and the trebles absolutely piercingly bright. I am legitimately shocked and gutted, since I loved these phones so much. 
    I suppose I must be more of a V-shaped sound signature guy, but I just found it disconcerting that I could love a pair of headphones so much for years, legitimately thinking they were the greatest thing going, only to find them unusable in the last few months. Crazy,
  9. LazyListener

    Our tastes can change over time, as well as our hearing as we age.
    How long were you listening to the Sony's before you realized you no longer like the 598s?
  10. fallrsk
    So, I've been listening to and gaming with the 598SE's for a few days now and can't say there are any audible differences in the 'phones. They've been perfect from the get-go. I've played around with some digital eq'ing and really can't find anything that I want to change about the stock sound signature, it sounds about flat as a ruler and I haven't a single issue with the sound.
    I prefer more of a warmer sounding signature, yet the detailed highs don't bother me on these. These bass is there, you just don't feel that thump due to the closed back. Upon eq'ing for more bass and flattening a nice dip at 9k and boosting the rolled off highs, I found that the bass was overwhelming and that the mids seemed sucked out of the phones. This lead to me removing the eq and just enjoying the sound for what it is.
    That being said, the relation between your ears and the drivers in these cans is HUGE. You can test for yourselves, moving the cans around your ears and by putting additional pressure on the housing (bringing the drivers closer to your ears). This being said, I can definitely see how people with bigger ears or wider heads could have some troubles with the high freq due to this.. It's just the ergonomics of the phones and your body, not much to change there.. I also feel that they're super comfy but seem much heavier than my MDR-7506. I think this is due to the shape of the headband and pad so hopefully I'll adjust to these pads. Also, I realized these cans are definitely made for people with heads on the smaller size but seem to accommodate a wide variety of sizes, depending on clamping. 
    Those looking for portable, cheap dac/amps or your first dac/amp, I can't speak highly enough for the SMSL M2. It's my first and only dac/amp and works great with these phones. Around 32 ohm phones, you'll hear some slight noise depending on your usb ground. I haven't tried to remedy this, but the HD598 being at 50 ohms are pitch black with no noise whatsoever.
    TLDR; big heads/ears may have some issues with these and eq'ing makes the bass thump too hard for my liking. These are seriously capable drivers if you ask me. $100 is a serious steal for these.
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  11. Vasiliosn
    Hi, i would say your Hd598's are not defective. is the way they sound. maybe is because of the cord being on the left side.. dont know. but mines also have the same thing, not so much, just a bit. is not such a big differnce though.
    These headphones suit to listen a day off work midday after lunch layed down on your bed.. feel a bit sleepy while you listen.
  12. fallrsk
    Actually, I take back what I said about eq'ing.. Upon using Sonarworks HD598 corrective eq to flat and hi-fi curves... Holy cow, these seriously come to life. That being said, I don't think I could listen to the headphones like this for extended amounts of time but it gives a beautiful bass boost that doesn't ruin the rest of the sound signature.. Wow. There's a free trial that runs for 3 weeks I believe.
    Think I still like the stock signature best, though.
  13. funkisound
    These definitely need a DAC/amp with a very low output impedance, otherwise the bass is way too light. With low output impedance sources it will get the bass it needs and will already sound a lot better.
    Expensive hi-fi DAC/amp combos probably also make it sound better, if they have low enough output impedance, but the problem there is that there's much better headphones to use with those, so I think this the 598 fits more in the portable use / onboard audio category, and not in the audiophile category (even though it's advertised like it). It does have good enough clarity and very good (even amazing) soundstage, but I think the sound is just not neutral and clean enough to fit in that category. I earlier said it sounded too colored, too much warmth, and it does a bit but unless you really hate that warm sound I think it's not really too bad. I think a much bigger problem is the treble, which is just very dirty sounding and there's simply no smoothness there, and no precise detail. While it's not really harsh either, it's not pleasing sounding, and too grainy and dirty sounding and it affects the sound quality. I've seen critics call these headphones too smooth and veiled.. well the mids are yes, but I wouldn't call the treble (at least certain areas of it) smooth at all.
    Too bad, it does have good qualities too, but overall I like a more flat sound so I guess I'll keep looking!
  14. SirMarc
    I'm coming from more expensive and more refined headphones and I'm not hearing what you're hearing. They sound very good out of my phone, tablet and especially my Asgard 2. I'm hearing absolutely no grain in the highs. They are warm sounding, but in my opinion, in a good way...
  15. SirMarc
    How many hours do you have on them? They get noticeably better with some hours on them. I'm up to about 60, and the bass could definitely be tighter, but I'm enjoying them alot
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