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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. funkisound
    I've heard these before, although I didn't own them. The Q701 I thought was crap. The DT 880 seemed just very flat with maybe a tiny treble spike but overall nothing unpleasing to the ears, although I can probably agree that it can sound a bit artificial sometimes. The X2 I liked too, seemed decent for longer listening too so the bass is not overdone, and I don't really recall aggressive treble but you might be right about that.
    About your 598SE, did you check if the cable is connected properly, both to the headphone and the source?
    When I put mine (regular 598) on I had a weird sound with more sound in the left earcup and mainly graininess in the right earcup, so i checked the cable and apparently it wasn't properly insterted into the earcup during packing, because when i reconnected it the sound was balanced again.
  2. SirMarc
    At around 50 hours or so, starting to loose track lol, the bass is starting to tighten up. I'm really digging these headphones. Listening to Jazz at the Pawnshop in 24/96 now and can't believe how good they sound. My HD 580's may be dethroned...
  3. richpjr
    My Amazon SE version came in late yesterday and I haven't had a chance to listen to them until this afternoon at work (though I did start playing music through them to burn them in overnight).  I am quite impressed with the sound and these things were a steal for the $95 (not to mention I find the SE version much better looking).  I have a pair of HD600s at home and also ordered the HE400i for the sale price that will be my Christmas present so the 598s are for use at work.  Very happy with this purchase.  Now I just need to get myself a desktop amp/dac for work and I'll be set.  Was thinking of something like Dragonfly or iFi iDac 2.  Any suggestions?  I don't need anything battery powered or that works with a phone - this is strictly for use on my laptop at work.  
  4. Arunabha Lahiri
    I got mine yesterday and it passed the authentication.

    When I first paired it with my ipod just out of the box, the sound was too harsh with very loose bass. I was disappointed. I listened for about 2 hours and concluded that my ipod is not worthy to drive these. I paired then with my laptop, it was louder and a bit better. Anyway I listened to some classical from my laptop. But then I was feeling that my klipsch is better than these. I listened from my laptop for nearly 1 hours. Then again I plugged it in my ipod. And bam. The sound changed drastically, there is smooth and tight bass, very nice treble and the mids are detailed. And what's more they sound not all that different from my klipsch s4i but the sound is cleaner, more detailed and the sound stage is just epic. And vocals sound more natural, especially female vocals.

    My ipod nano 7g at 50% volume is perfectly okay with these headphones and as time passes by the sound is getting smoother and more airy. The funny thing is these sounds better when paired with my ipod. When connected with my laptop it sounds a bit harsher with s sounding a bit weird. My laptop is hp pavilion and I have no idea what sound card it is using.

    I am very happy with these. These are the best I have ever listened to..
  5. fallrsk
    I just got my Amazon SE's today (after freaking out about ups's shoddy delivery consistency around me) coming from cheap iem's and an MDR-7506.. These things are just SO awesome! The sound is not tiring at all, with a super smooth yet detailed sound coming out of them.. I don't want to sleep! I also tried these out for gaming and honestly feel that surround sound can't come close to touching these in terms of spatial awareness, it's incredible. I wanted a taste of open backed goodiness and these babies sure do deliver.
    Also, I'm using a smsl m2 to power these and can crank them up without worrying about getting tired of the sound, I absolutely love it. Even my dualshock 4 (full volume, though) can power these just enough to a comfortable volume. I really can't wait to continue being surprised by these cans!
  6. MarcoGV

    The 598 works well with the Dragonfly, in my experience.
  7. LazyListener

    I'm going to check the cable connection again, but I'm pretty sure it's fine, as I removed the long cable, and inserted, twisted, and lightly tugged on the shorter cable.  I'm not hearing channel imbalance, completely thin sound, graininess, or anything that would indicate to me a poor connection.
  8. LazyListener

    I only have a cheap Fiio E10K myself, which sounds quite good, but nothing to write home about.
    How about the Apogee Groove?  Very highly rated on Amazon.
  9. LazyListener

    Interesting.  Why do you think the sound improved so much from the first listen with ipod, and then a few hours again later with the ipod?  Do you think it's because they broke in a bit over that time?
  10. Arunabha Lahiri

    Maybe that or..

    Actually the second time I connected to my ipod I changed the cable. Out of the box the headphone is connected with the long cable. First time I listened to ipod and laptop was with the long cable. But the 2nd time after pulling out from my laptop I changed the cable. And then I paired with my ipod. Then that drastic change. So I at first thought may be the cable. Them again I connected the long cable and paired it with the ipod. But the sound is still the improved sound.

    So either it is burn in or the out of the box the connection of the cable was not perfect. I can't say.

    Now the headphones sound godly. Pure heaven. Oh I am now using it with the short cable.

    Out of the box sound quality was really horrible. It gave me an headache.
  11. richpjr
    The Groove would be perfect, but they recommend 250ohm or above with it.
  12. Jefafa77
    Laptop sound cards are generally not all that great. With low impedance headphones I hear tons of static and even just ABing same song on laptop and my Galaxy S4 I (currently without dac) prefer my phone, but I will get a dac tomorrow and I'm far too excited to get rid of the static!
    So in short, you're not crazy! [​IMG] If you want to listen from your laptop, a decent budget dac like the E10k will help.
  13. Arunabha Lahiri

    Thank you for the recommendation. I will surely look it up.
  14. nbakid2000

    Definitely, if you're using a laptop, get a DAC immediately. I personally tried the Dragonfly 1.2 and I wasn't impressed - it wasn't any *significantly* better than my on-board sound. I'd look into a LH Labs Geek Out 450, 1000 or V2 model....or a Meridian Explorer 1 or 2. I personally bought the the Geek Out 450 after trying (and returning) the Dragonfly and it blew the Dragonfly away in all aspects. Of course, there's other DACs out there. Those are just the ones that I'm partial to and have read numerous good things about.
    Edit: I should also mention I'm running a Sennheiser HD558 which I guess is the model below the 598. Supposedly if you remove the sticky rubber piece from inside the phones from the 558, you essentially wind up with the 598s. I wasn't that impressed and put it back (the treble/high end was too painful for me) [apparently I'm in the minority on these] but you should have no problem running the 598s on those types of DACs and having them improve it.
  15. teohouse88

    I'm using my HD 598 SE with JDS Labs C5D (DAC) and I'm very impressed with the amazing bass boost, clean and detailed sound of this DAC...it's a bit expensive but worth it every single dollar I spent.
    I suggest to give it a try.
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