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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. SirMarc
    I can't imagine a fake sounding this good...
  2. vonseux
    Do people here REALLY do this? isn't this considered pure insanity already?
    I'm asking honestly, heard about burning in like this just recently, I always tought the "normal way" was to listen to music, than feel the speakers get softer with time
  3. SirMarc
    I'm impatient lol. The only reason I wrap them in a towel is because they're open headphones and loud as hell.
  4. willy156
    Yup, my friends' Sennheisers came in and both failed the authentication check. I doubt they're fake though, looking at /r/headphone's recent guide about legit checking the hd 598s, both pairs meet the criteria.
  5. Protoapex
    From /u/RainieDay:

  6. Protoapex

    I got my SEs today. Verified them and they're authentic. Checked around on reddit and found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/3ux8bf/meta_users_reporting_fake_sennheiser_hd_598s_from/cxiirxh
    From /u/RainieDay:
  7. Letmebefrank
    Just authenticated mine, they are legit.
  8. Arunabha Lahiri

  9. Letmebefrank
    Well people are worried that the ones from the black friday deal on amazon are fake, Im letting them know that at least mine (from black friday) are legit.
  10. Arunabha Lahiri

    I haven't received mine yet and truth to be told I too am a bit concerned. Not because it's black Friday but there are quite a few fakes out there. But it's the first time I am hearing that there are fake special edition too.

    The fake ones are quite hard to distinguish. The three dots on the left side is one of the visible difference. The fake ones do not have them.

    Happy listen.
  11. tgx78
    Mine failed to authenticate.. Bought it from the Amazon.ca 
  12. amnesiac75
    I received my 598 se today from Amazon and they pass the Sennheiser authentication. I have been comparing to my 598s that I've owned for about 3 years and have 300+ hours on using both on an uberfrost/Asgard 2 and they sound so close to each other that I would bet any differences will even out after 10-20 hours of use. The comfort is a little better on the se most likely due to newer pads and headband cushion. I was happy with my original pair that I paid $250 for and very happy with these for $95 so if you missed out on the deal don't feel bad they are worth the current price considering they include a short cable. If you are looking for a bit more neutral/refined sound go for the hd600s.
  13. Levanter
    Taken from an amazon review.
    Honestly though, these headphones are too new for there to be fakes. It's only 1-2 months old, i doubt there are any fakes of these version around.
    willy156 likes this.
  14. amnesiac75
    Try authentication again at www.qr-sennheiser.com and it's ok to use lower case letters even though ID is in caps. I've never had any sennheiser headphones come up fake from Amazon although I've seen a few online.
  15. Arunabha Lahiri

    Thank you sir for sharing...
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