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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. SirMarc
    As a long time hd580 user, essentially the hd600's with plastic grills, these 598's are the deal of the century for 94 bucks! Didn't really need another open pair of headphones, but for that price I couldn't pass it up. After burning them in for around 20 hours, I'm very impressed. Although not quite as detailed or tight in the bass as my 580's I think I could live with these.
    At 50 ohms they don't play well with my Vintage Sansui receiver, but they sound really good with my Asgard 2, and surprisingly good with my phone and tablet. I just hope the bass firms up a bit with more break in. I also don't understand the 'bass lite' rep these things have. I'm not seeing that at all, if anything they seem to have a bit more mid bass than my 580's
  2. Bansaku
    The mid-bass boomyness will be more controlled, and the sub-bass fills out a bit. The way I describe it would be going from analytical to lush.
  3. SirMarc
    Cool, thanks. I'm also noticing my 580's do better when the music gets congested. Does that improve with break in also? It's probably not fair to compare them this closely, but I'm that impressed with these cans...
  4. Bansaku
    Yes, and no. If we are talking about a complex classical song, yes. If we are talking about a highly compressed Hard Rock or Metal, then no. BUT, complex bass heavy electronica is a big YES! Movies and games go from kind of analytical (but nice) to sounding more theatre-like. The HD 598 also takes well to hardware bass boost if you want an even fatter bass experience.
    For burn-in, I stated noticing changes after 10-20 hours, but never noticed the bass changing until well over 60+ hours.
    My 2 cents.
  5. SirMarc
    Ok, cool thanks. I'm at about 20-25 hours now and liking what I hear. I'll keep playing them at night with a towel wrapped around them. So they're probably not gonna dethrone my 580's, but I didn't expect them to anyway. Very impressed nonetheless. I just wish sennheiser would update the 6xx series already. I've listened to the 600's and 650's, and didn't think either one sounded better than my 580's. The 700's I didn't really like, and the 800's are more than I want to spend...
  6. Bansaku

    If Sennheiser would upgrade the HD 598 with the drivers from the HD 6X0 I think we'd have a new champ on the market!
  7. AgentOfFortune
    I think one of the key points in the 598 is the angled drivers.  That, and the housing.
    How 'bout that HD698 that's been theorized about, eh?
  8. SirMarc

    Yeah guys, no doubt. I would love to hear that. I'm enjoying the angled driver sound but can't help but wonder what these would sound like with the refinement of my 580 drivers
  9. SirMarc
    I mean come on Sennheiser! The 580's came out in the mid 90's, and the 600's still use the same drivers. I love the way they sound, but its been 20 years
  10. AgentOfFortune
    Well, there's always the HD800/HD800s.  But then, that's a whole 'nother story.  Something in between the 598 & 800 would indeed be nice (not that there's really too much wrong with the 598's sound, though).
  11. SirMarc
    Don't misunderstand me, I wouldn't even compare these to my 580's if I wasn't seriously impressed, especially with the black Friday price.
  12. AgentOfFortune
    Be sure to let us know what you think after some more burn-in.  I'm a little over 37 hours in, I daresay there's (even) more to come in the improvement department for you.  The biggest differences seemed to be within the first 10 hours, but I've noticed them loosening up (in sound, of course) a bit more even now.
  13. SirMarc
    I'm finding the highs and mids to be very nice, but the mid bass is still a bit bloomy, and the sub bass is a bit loose. If the bottum end gets sorted out with more break in I'll be stoked. I'll let you guys know
  14. Click
  15. AgentOfFortune
    Apparently, some people were inputting "ID:" along with the actual ID sequence.  Of course, Sennheiser's system interpreted that as part of the ID, rather than ignoring it as it should've.
    And given that the HD598SE is supposedly an Amazon Exclusive, I seriously doubt there'd be many fakes around.
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