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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. nis9446
    hey I was wondering if anyone had audio technica ath-m50x to compare directly in sound quality. im considering buying either of them and cant really decide on which to buy
  2. LastSaiyan
    I actually have both pair I will try and compare them in the next few days. I have not really set down and spent a lot of time with the 598's because the wife found me a pair of he-400's right after I got them
  3. Sam21
    the HD598 has one of the best soundstages out there, the sound is balanced, there is a natural bass presence, mellow mids treble is a bit bright(just a bit)
    the M50 has more bass, and a significantly smaller soundstage.
  4. paulguru
    i hear slightly recessed mids with 598. [​IMG]
    And punchy bass, i means few presence of bass but 598 but seems can reproduce deep bass when these are there.
    Can you confirm ?
    Compared to AD700x what is the situations as sound timbre and balancing ?
  5. Frosty3258
    I wouldn't say they go deep. Punchy though, yes. And they have super forward mids imo and according to the fr.
  6. paulguru
    super forward mids ? The 598 ?
    i hear slight recessed, possible ?
  7. Frosty3258
    To me, vocals, guitars, and other mid centric instruments stand out more with these than other headphones that I have tried.
  8. paulguru
    anyone ?
  9. mikoss
    What's your source for driving them? The midrange is the most prominent part of the 598's presentation, so you may have a wiring issue, or a crappy source if they are sounding recessed...
  10. beowulf
    Should get mine in a couple of days, finally went for it after I spotted a decent price at amazon.fr (around 120 Eur).
    I started by checking out many different models, ath-m50x included, but my preference for an open sound with a wide 3D soundstage seemed to push me to the 598. Let's see how they behave in the soundstage area (somehow I'm more picky with that than for instance, perfect sub bass).
    If they manage to beat the MDR-CD3000 (which are closed but awesome) I'll be really impressed.
    The included cable is too long, not to mention the plug (I'm going to use it with 3.5mm units). So after buying a case (shame on Sennheiser for not including even a modest little Koss PortaPro-like baggie) I'm looking at cables. Prices are a lot higher than I thought. Don't feel like paying 25% of the headphones cost for a cable.
  11. crazychile
    I own the original ATH-M50s in addition to the HD-598. I listen to both about equally. On some types of music, or depending on the mood I'm in I sometimes prefer the Audio Technicas. But given what you're looking for per your comments, the 598s should be a good fit for you.
  12. RollinHard843
    I like these headphones. I consider them my "i'm wearing glasses and grados are getting uncomfortable" headphones :blush:. Compared to the grado sr225e which i love, these are warmer in tone for sure, almost to a fault on some recordings. The slightly bigger bass is nice and one good thing about the easy going treble is that these headphones are very crankable. They can also tame really bright recordings pretty well.

    Anyway, theyre definitely a keeper. But i just like the grado sound signature a bit more.
  13. Frosty3258

    The soundstage will most definitely surpass the mdr. Open backs nearly always have a larger soundstage than closed backs and the 598 has a larger soundstage than even some flagship level heasphones. I have the primes, listened to both the hd800 and the lcdx and the 598 has a larger soundstage than any of them excluding the hd800 which supposedly has the largest, and the 598 gets quite close soundstage wise.
  14. Bansaku
    And then you get those rare closed backed gems who's soundstage is equal (with greater separation) to the HD598 such as the PSB M4U 1.
  15. beowulf
    Well, I'm truly very curious now. It will arrive on Thursday, just one more day to wait.
    If it is that close to the flagship HD800 in soundstage, that will probably make me happy by itself.
    Still haven't found a nice cheap, short cable. It's going to be fun looking at my little Corda MOVE amp with that big 3.5mm adapter that looks like a rifle silencer....
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