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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. ElMarcado

    You'd be better suited with a SR60e if you want it to sound 'fun' and 'energetic', because the HD 598 is very calm in a good way. You want to have fun and feel euphoric when listening to your music? Stay away from the HD 598, and buy a Grado SR60e/80e which have similar treble to the HD 598 but are much more energetic and lively. I don't think that you will want to be bored to death when listening to Rock/Metal... won't you?
    Oh gosh, is like that the SR325e is made for you! Perfect for your needs: awesome bass-mids-treble, not grainy at all, up-front energetic with a brutally-heavy bass which has great impact and texture. God-like mids with great realism with vocals and instruments, and unlike the others above, this one is made of great materials. This is your headphone. If you have 300$ go for it.
    PD: I had an SR325, I know what I'm saying. 
  2. Module

    I want all-rounder, which sounds good in variety of genres. Not only Rock/Metal, but also in variety of genres (piano, acoustic, orchestral). it's impossible being best in everything, but at least decent in everything. Because of that variety of genres, I look for neutral headphones, but still musicial, which good enough at least for those genres. Grado is decent for rock/metal, yeah, but it's only for, IMO. Also Grados seems not very comfortable.
    HD 600... This is good headphone, but i've seen multiple opinions, where HD 600 as all-rounder loses HD 598. And in musical. Although, HD 600 is technically better, ofc.
    Fidelio X2 seems more bassy, with not as good in mids and treble as HD 600 (V shaped?). Compared to HD 598... I don't seen good reviews which compared directly their with HD 598.
  3. ElMarcado

    The HD 600 is a great all-rounder. Well, if you don't like the Grado comfort and you have the 'one headphone for one genre' mentality, then we're lost. Screw Grados and the X2, and go for the HD 600. They aren't boring at all, they don't lack 'musical' at all. The HD 598 is infinitely worse than the HD 600 in that regard. The HD 598 is not musical compared to the HD 600 when the first one sounds worse. What you will need is a great amp and DAC for the HD 600. Ignore those who says that the HD 600 is boring or lacks 'musical', you can't get better for that price and it will sound great with Metal and Classical alike if you are that picky. If you want the best (IMO), go for the SR325e, deal with the comfort myth, and ignore the silly one-headphone-one-genre mentality. Audio transducers don't work like that, they don't know your genre, but you do know what sound you like. These two are the best. Cya.
  4. paulguru
    anyone ?
  5. GloriousLettuce
    Being "boring" is not what I described. They were "fun" AND "energetic", but for metal, dubstep, and symphonic it was just clogged and grainy. Almost to the point my ears hurt. But as you've put it with good vocals and a few instruments, their mids were magical and touching. But this is way far from what I was looking for. While I still can't recommend something (didn't find what I want) would advise allrounders not to go for these, they seem to be suited for laid back or classical music, or else these will just scream.
  6. Frosty3258

    I can't say I've ever seen aftermarket pads for these.
  7. Frosty3258
    And for a good all rounder around this price range (up to 600,650) is the beyrdynamic custom 1 pro plus. They have bass adjustment which sounds like a gimmick but it actually works quite well. At minimum setting they are very clean have good mids and nice treble. The bass is tight and at or a little below the 598. They have 5 steps that scale nicely and untill you get to the last one or two where it starts to bleed into the mids and get a little bloated but even then it's not horrible. They can be good for acustics or get insane bass for electronic.
  8. Arniesb
    Yup, 598 earpads is not best... Attracts dust easily and can become quite hot after some time. MUCH hotter than my Dt990 Premiums.
  9. Frosty3258
    Dust yes. Hot?
  10. GloriousLettuce
    You must be hot. :wink:
  11. Arniesb
    I borrow 598 from my friend and listen one headphone few or 3 songs and then go to Dt990 and listen same songs. Going to Dt990 from 598hd i quickly feel how much cooler Dt990 pads are, by the way it was very hot day in my country. About 35celsius.
  12. Frosty3258
    That is quite hot. I have not used the dt990 so it may very well be a cooler phone; however the 598 in general stays cool as well. They have never made me sweat unless I was sweating anyways.
  13. colinallcarz
    I didn't find my 598s (nor my HD 558) very hot either.
  14. Bansaku
    I can wear my HD598 for hours without feeling the heat, and I am shaggy. 
  15. GloriousLettuce
    I can feel the warmth, guess it's alright for winter to warm your ears a bit. :p But it's summer here and no sweat lawlies
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