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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. donunus
    Are the original brown pads readily available from somewhere whenever spares are needed?
  2. Module
    Hi all, 598's users. I'm looking for neutral all-rounder and 598 seems my favourite, though my budget 250$. New 598 costs 80$ in local store. But i'm afraid about how these cans suitable for rock/heavy metal/symphonic metal? No extremal sub-genres here (like death/black metal).
  3. Arsis
    Go for it! $80 is a steal!
  4. douce

    No kidding, compared to what they usually retail at $80 is a great deal… however I wouldn’t say they are worth much more than $80. I like mine but to be honest your paying for the fit and finish more than anything (they are pretty and comfortable as all hell). Not too make life difficult, but have you thought about checking out USAudiomart.com for some lightly used cans? I only ask because here in the great north I use Canuck audio mart for a lot and usually see things like HD600’s go on for $200 in mint condition when they retail for 500-600 in Canada.
  5. Arsis

    Whaaaaat ? There are many people here that would disagree with that statement.
  6. crazychile

    Right. They're a solid deal at $150, and a steal at $80 as long as they aren't fakes. Mine get about 25% of the listening time because they compliment my other headphones in areas that they don't do as well. Sure you can find good used deals sometimes,  but there's risk.
    Heck, at $80 buy 2 pairs and get a head start on Christmas shopping.
  7. Arsis
    I paid full price ($249) a few years ago and I don't mind that the price has dropped since then. I love them for rock. I use others for edm but these are great for guitar, bass and drums. Real instrument bands. Great for live recordings too.
  8. Module
    Well, I'm outside USA. And I doubt that they selling outside USA.
    HD 600... I don't know, but seems they lacks musical. I read about potential candidates: HD 600, DT880, Q701, K7XX, X2, HE 400, HE 500 (almost new for 274$, seems great deal), but... I don't know, seriously. Everything have cons, and i'm trying choose lesser of several evils.
    HD 600 — lacks bass and musicial, 598 seems more suitable for variety genres
    DT880 — sibilance treble, seems lack musicial
    Q701 — Lacks bass, uncomfortable, 598 seems better all-rounder (more flat nature)
    K7XX — Some complain about rattle issue, massdrop doesn't ship it in my country.
    X2 — Grainy treble, mids just... well... ok.
    HE 400 — not neutral at all, uncomfrtable
    HE 500 — uncomfortable.
    HD 598 — lacks bass, peak in upper mids and possibly grainy treble (well, maybe EQ there may help)
    So... I don't know... don't know... I know, ideal headphones does not exist, but... I just want buy some great headphones and don't look for upgrade anymore (well, maybe only in distant future =)_.
  9. crazychile
    If it's any consolation...
    I owned HE-400s for about a month and returned them. Something wasn't right with the midrange. Like the phase was reversed or something. I know I'm in the minority for not loving them but maybe mine were defective.
    I also owned K702s and they just never did it for me, even with tons of power and a very long break in. They just never made music for me.
    Just buy the damn 598's and be done with it ....for a while.
  10. paulguru
    Im looking for a BETTER earpads for 598.
    The original earpads seems too faded for me, its not intense brown like in the pictures !!!
    And the hair looking is not high quality and pleasuring to touch.
    Im looking for a brown colors ( also different tonality ) or similar but much more finished ( more good looking ).
    Anyone can tell me somethings ?
  11. GloriousLettuce
    Hi peeps, I just bought myself a used Senn hd 598, I'm using it on Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 dsp and honestly I don't know if it's just me - but I can't see any improvement in clarity or soundstage compared to SoundMagic E10. They don't look fake, they feel very sturdy and the cable looks legit. I could crank em on the focusrite but not on my iPod 5.5 (well sorta on the iPod).
    I feel as if it's loaded with treble, too harsh sounding and the detail is just not that noticible - everything's sorta glued together and mashed up with this trebly sound. Overall I'm hearing way better stereo sound, clarity and detail on the "cheap" soundmagics
    Oh ye and music I've been listening on it so far:
    System of a down
    All flacs.
    Maybe I got a fake?
  12. Frosty3258

    Hmmm, do the wood accents look real, can you see the grain in them? And do you mean they are bright? As in hardly any bass and the treble just sounds like everything is clashing?
  13. GloriousLettuce
    Ahh I'm sure they're real they look fabulous, none of what you mentioned - wood looks great, flexibility and sturdiness is awesome, detail is great. Maybe someone messed with them or I just can't get used to the sound yet.. I find them a bit fatiguing to listen to, a bit harsh in treble. I'm not a general basshead so that's not the issue, it's just that I probably expected something more. As people described, it does sound awesome for vocals and acoustic music, but for something rich and harsher (metal, bands with tons of instruments - I'm into rich music with tons of stuff like Katatonia, Nightwish, Sirenia) it just sounds grainy and congested + trebly.
    I was aiming for something more neutral + separate. This does have a good soundstage in general, but I expected way more especially if it's not even an improvement to IEMs (from my standpoint, I'm a newb here).
  14. Frosty3258
    I see. One of my friends who briefly listened to mine decried them that way so I was wondering g if that was your opinion on them as well. In my opinion for those genre's the 598 isn't the best choice and I would agree they can sound harsh and get confused with the music.
  15. Module

    This is exactly what I afraid before buying pair. Eh.
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