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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Frosty3258

    Hmmm... Ive always thought of the 598 as a great music phone but never a great movie phone. I prefer clarity in music and deep rumbling bass for movies. The 598 definitely does not have the latter though the bass for music I find to be just fine.
  2. crazychile

    The problem with the deep, rumbling bass request is that at this price point it usually comes at a sacrifice to clear, dialogue. Personally, a more natural and articulate dialogue takes precedence for me. I have a pair of ATH-M50s as a point of comparison, but the 598s to me are much more pleasing for movies. ....and 99% of the music I listen to.
  3. jfcarbel
    I was unable to locate a 598 to audition in the Chicago area.   I was able to find a 558 so I gave that an A/B comparison test yesterday.  But was not impressed with the 558 over my AD700.   I know that both 558 and 598 are made from same drivers, but does the 598 really differ that much for the movie sound stage?
    I found the 558 at a local Best Buy but when I gave it a listen yesterday, I noticed that the sound stage was very closed and almost like closed head phones and not open.  I felt like sound was in headphones versus when I wear the AD700 I feel like sound is outside the headphones.  The quality and warmth of sound for movies is there and bass was adequate, but the sound stage was horrible for movies.  Will the sound stage on the 598 differ that much?
  4. crazychile

     I haven't heard a 558 nor an AD700. But from what you describe, the 558 and 598 are very different. I find the 598 to be very open sounding, more so than even my Koss electrostatics which are many times more expensive than the '598. If you have Amazon Prime just order a pair. You have 30 days to decide if you don't like them. For $150 these headphones are hard to beat.
  5. Bansaku
    Despite what Headfonia says, the drivers are NOT the same (so says Sennheiser).
  6. LEntless
    The 700's should be better for movies. I have the 598's and tried a friend's 700's, a couple times. The 700's sound more open and allow better directional sound. I prefer the 598's for most music though. These headphones are more of a side-grade.
  7. jfcarbel

    That's what I am thinking.  So glad I bought these AD700.   I might think about upgrading then to AD900 or the AD900X which are supposed to have more base yet still carry that wide open sound stage.  Too bad I can't find the 598 local in Chicago just to compare.
    Watched the Matrix lobby scene last night and wow, these 700s were just made for movies.  I do not feel like I am wearing these and feel more like I am listening to the speakers.  
    While virtual surround in headphones has always been gimicky, the DTS Headphone X demo at CES was met with happy impressions of the tech by industry pros.  I don't get it because it demo'd so good but there is just nothing on the market for it for movie viewing.   With mobile being such a big market now, you would think that in 2 years they would have released these.
  8. Beeba
    I am an Audio Enthusiast who is pretty much addicted to music, i listen to music A LOT on-the-go but unfortunately never had a decent pair of headphones, had A LOT but never a good awesome one, recently ive had a some of money almost 250$ but lets say 200$ for now and am interested in buying a pair of headphones, a fter a lot of hours on youtube, amazon and reading reviews i'm torn between the Sennheiser's Momentum ( Over the ear) , the AKG K545 even the sennheiser HD8 Dj ( i know it's a bit pricier and unlike the previous two), Audio Technica's ATH M50x, Sony MDR-1R,Sennheiser HD 598,Philips Fidelio X1 and the Sennheiser HD598 
    I know hey are all different in one way or another , i do not have any specific preferences music genre wise, i just want a pair that has an awesome performance and delivers the best music experience, i want to feel the music , get goosebumps you know :)
    Note: i am also planning on buy the Fiio X1 Player
    any additional suggestions are welcome
    thank you all in advance
  9. pl4stik
    I think a lot of open sound stage can be attributed to the headphones AND song.  For example, a song can be typical, but sound open on headphones people think have a better sound stage, but not on the 598's.  However, a nicely mastered song specifically for sound stage, sounds great on the 598's.....but might not sound so great on the other headset which already by default is tuned to give an open sound stage for everything.    It's kind of like how SRS audio filters give an oomph to audio, but it's not exactly accurate. 
    A lot of songs simply aren't great for sound stage by default, even if they're good songs.  
     if you've ever listened to a good acoustic FLAC or some binaural audio, it's hard to argue against the quality of the 598's.  And I don't just mean those weird binaural metaphysical music videos.  
    Sometimes the soundstage is soo good, that I have to take them off and see if there's a knock at the door or if there's some noise coming from some part of the room, only to find it's part of the video I'm watching.  
    Another thing to experiment with is having both full sized stereo speakers going at the same time.  It will reinforce open ear headphones in general, giving you a depth in sound stage, strength, and clarity that can't be reached with either full sized speakers or headphones alone.  
  10. mikoss
    The 598's are open and generally not recommended for music on the go. (There isn't much isolation for you and the people around you)...
    I would recommend auditioning the headphones you're interested in- you can read a lot of reviews to get a general idea, but a minute or two on your ears will be the best indication of what you prefer.
  11. WilliamLeonhart
    I can second this. I had the HD598, the AD1000 and many Grados. Tried to use them on the metro trains and airplanes, but open cans just plainly suck in these environment. To make matters worse, I used to work in a building that has a construction site next to it. I think you should buy a closed-back cans (rather than in-ear, which may cause discomfort or too often, ear damage without the users knowing). It's better to have a good isolating pair on when you're in a noisy environment. You don't even have to turn your headphones on, since it already help protect you against the noises.
  12. Frosty3258

    Without at least a statement of what sound sig you are after it is really hard to reccomend headphones.
  13. Beeba
    first of all thank you for replying
    secondly, i listen to all genres , excluding metal though and i tend to listen mostly to acoustic covers of songs and slow vocal oriented songs and the occasional up-beat song every now and then , does that help? 
  14. Beeba
    first of all thank you for replying
    secondly, i listen to all genres , excluding metal though and i tend to listen mostly to acoustic covers of songs and slow vocal oriented songs and the occassional up-beat song every now and then , does that help? unfortunately i live in Egypt where the option of trying out the cans doesnt exist, im trying to have a pair shipped with a friend who's coming soon from U.S
  15. Frosty3258

    Out of the ones you have listed I personally did not like the momentums. It was only an extended demo but they sounded over all boxy to me. The 545s I liked. Again extended demo. I do not know how well they isolate but as far as sound, for a closed back the soundstage was not bad. They seemed bright to me but I enjoyed them. I owned the m50 for quite a while and it is quite good for their price but I don't think they would fit well with your listed sound preferences. They have elevated deeply extended bass, the mids are recessed, and bright extended treble. The 598s sound wide sound perfect but are not good for portability. For you, from my experience I would choose the 545s out of the list you have made. I have not heard them but the whole beyrdynamic line gets some great reviews around here and might be worth looking into as well.
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