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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. DVDIT

    I like the bass of the RS 180 with the bass boost on with my cheapo Fiio E5 than without, even tough the bass a bit much, bloated and muddy. If HD 598 is anything like RS180 then I am OK with a slight bass boost from a good amp, portable or not. Maybe I should consider something like cMoyBB v2.03 rather then Fiio E12? I was also thinking about getting Beyer-dynamics DT 990 pro but review seems to indicate the DT 990 to be bright and I hate bright and forward sound. Or maybe something Yamaha HPH-200. I need a headphone well suited for movie watching which mainly intend to use these cans for. I have a few good IEMs I use for music, Sennheiser IE8, Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 stock and custom fitted, Fischer Audio's DBA-02 and a few others so I am covered in the music department. I need good phone for movie watching now.
  2. Frosty3258
    Double post
  3. Frosty3258

    If you don't mind the phone getting a little muddy with bass boost on the E11 I had should do adequately. It boosted quanity more than enough in the midbass, still didnt get much sub bass, just mucked up the quality a bit.I say e11 because it was my experience seems like e12 is a newer upgraded model.
  4. Frosty3258

    What I'd your budget for a movie phone? The one I got alongside the 598 I also used for music while traveling so may be out of range.
  5. Frosty3258
    The site just trolled me. I made a huge post and it made it appear as a double post. Such is life.
  6. DVDIT
    Budget is $200.00 max. HD 598 is now on sale for $150 and DT990 pro about $205.
  7. Frosty3258

    My personal experience is limited to the m50 in that price range so I can rave about that but I have heard great things about the byers and really want to hear some.
  8. DangerClose
    If you don't like forward sound, I don't know how you could like the HD598.  Or maybe you meant foward+bright sound.  I have a no-foam 558, so they're similar, and the 598 is said to be brighter, and people talk about how big the soundstage is, and it is pretty big, but the mids are so forward it usually makes the soundstage sound a lot smaller than it is, so the "big" soundstage kind of isn't.
  9. DVDIT
    Sometimes we don't realize our choice of words until someone points it out. Yes, I meant I hate bright and harsh sound. I hate sibilance that turns "ssss" into sort of a harsh unbearable high pitched voice/sound. Just can't stand that. I like neutral to slightly warm sound. Love big sound-stage, smooth mids and nice bass.
  10. DangerClose
    If you love a big soundstage, and I mean a big one, there are only so many options.  And then there's "what kind of big soundstage is it?"  I can tell my 558 has a pretty big soundstage, but the mids are so forward that it doesn't necessarily sound like it does a lot of the time.  It's kind of like having a conversation with someone who is a "close talker."  
    An AKG 701 has a huge soundstage, but it's 2-D.  I (usually) love them left-to-right, but the lack of depth has been a bigger problem with enjoying them than I would have expected.  The DT990 is smaller left-to-right but has more depth and layering and sounds more alive and "musical."  If you want smooth mids and hate bright highs, if you get a DT990 you'd have to mod and/or eq it, or maybe get a DT880 instead.  Well, it's not so much that the DT990's mids aren't smooth.  It's more that the DT990's mids don't exist.  [​IMG] 
  11. DVDIT
    I have been reading about the Philips Fidelio X1 last night and looks like these might be what I am looking for. $50 more than HD 598 though.
  12. mhved
    I'm new in the world of audiophile headphones , any recommendation on how to optimize the sound of HD 598 ?
    current setup : hd 598 --> creative audigy 2 ZS ( sound card ) --> iTunes 
  13. jfcarbel
    I currently own AD700 which have a huge sound stage and I do love the sound these provide for my movie and TV watching.  I use my HP primarily for movie watching off a A/V receiver HP out.
    Thinking of seeing if the HD598 might be a good upgrade from the AD700 for movies.  Anyone compared these?  Does the HD598 offer an improvement?  More bass maybe?
    Looking for places in Chicago where I might be able to audition these.  So far I can only find a HD558 which I hear is similar at local best buy.   Any suggestions for places carrying these local in Chicago?
  14. ludvigrollover

    If one has an older DAC that doesn't have USB input I could see using some  converter ($15-40 on Amazon, or $79 in a box from an audio company). But if you have $1300 burning a hole in your pocket, why not just buy a better equipped top of the line DAC?

    Wyrd is a USB-to-USB one port hub, no SPDIF.. How is that relevant?
    "could possibly improve the sound" is not a reason, it's wishful thinking.  I know for a fact that the following things will increase my enjoyment over a glorified digital cable:
    - better headphones
    - buy more music
    - go see more live concerts
    Priorities... I'm just not at all worried about things like the mythical "jitter".
  15. mikoss
    If you'd like to chat, feel free to PM me [​IMG] We'll keep this 598 thread on topic that way. Otherwise, follow the thread I posted; it answers most of your questions.
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