Sennheiser HD-580s $125 free shipping! SOLD!
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Oct 4, 2007
Sennheiser HD-580 headphones. I am the original owner. These show some signs of wear, such as:

1) Small areas on the headband where the paint has chipped off (shown in photo)
2) Ear pads could probably do with replacing. They look perfectly fine in the photo, but over time I’ve noticed that they have gotten flatter.
3) Notice that the thin foam that normally covers the ear piece has been removed. Although some people remove this as a mod, in this case I removed it because they were getting very worn and leaving little black specs on my ears (everyone at work had a good laugh over this until I figured out what was going on- hence they have been removed). This foam comes with replacement ear pads (available at Headroom), should you decide to order some.
4) An ear piece can occasionally cut in and out due to a poor connection between the headphone cable and the ear piece. This isn’t necessarily unusual for this headphone and there is a method of fixing this posted. I never wanted to take apart my headphones so I just dealt with jiggling the connection. Upgrading to a new cable may also fix this.

So there you have it. The flaws I’ve listed may seem a bit picky, but I am selling these AS-IS (no returns) and don’t want anyone to be disappointed with their purchase. You’ll note that I’ve also priced these below what a typical pair of 580s sells for and it’s because of the flaws I’ve listed above. Other then what’s listed above, they sound and look great. This pair also comes with the 1/8" to 1/4" plug adapter, but isn’t shown in any of the photos.

I don’t have any feedback here yet so please checkout my perfect approval rating on eBay under the same name (and picture) I use here.

Asking price: $125 free shipping and no Paypal fees! SOLD!

Shipping to ConUS only

Payment methods: Paypal only

Pictures: Flickr: PuffyElvis' Photostream

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