Sennheiser HD 559 comfort but slightly less clamp force?
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Oct 15, 2019
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At first I thought this headphone sucked but it turns out the plug adapter was faulty. I actually like it and it has a more 'fun' sound than my Phillips SHP9500 but I'm used to 9500 falling off my head style so the 559 feels liiiitllee too tight on my glasses. I'm looking to use mostly on my PC, not a dedicated DAC AMP so low driving force is needed. I'm hoping for a Glodilocks of comfort that won't fall off a smaller head like the 9500 does and won't create a pressure point at my glasses arm, if such a thing exists.

Budget: Hopefully max out at $125
Style: Open back
Preferences: Good soundstage, fairly balanced
Point of clarification: The 559s in question do not belong to me so are technically also an option if there's no other such option in my budget

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