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sennheiser hd 558 worries... and looking for turntable recommendations.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kaushad, Jan 14, 2013.
  1. Kaushad
    So, I got some hd 558s for christmas, been using them, they sound great. 
    Anyway, I have some questions.
    1.  are they supposed to be this flexible?  They pivot very easily, but fit perfectly.
    2.  the left side takes more force near the end when I am pushing them back in, hardly noticable, but enough to be noticable
    3.  Is the faint(usually non-existant) staticy audio that one can barely hear on some songs caused by those songs?  I am assuming yes because it is only some, not all.
    4.  How long can I safely listen to them at 80% volume on a fiio e10?
    I feel worrisome, but I am a bit paranoid at times.
  2. yamichan
    Excuse me? 80% on Fiio E10 [​IMG]? Low gain or High Gain ??? If it's high gain, I suggest you to see a doctor before worrying about your headphones...
  3. Kaushad
    LOL, low gain usually, I have a few quite songs that I put on high, but other than that.
  4. Kaushad
    I think my headphones are fine, but I just want to be for certain.
  5. benbenkr
    1. Yes, they're supposed to be flexible.
    2. Don't have this issue.
    3. Answered your own question there, if it's only some then it basically means it's the song itself.
    4. No one can answer this, they're your ears. Personally, low or high gain, 80% is stupidly loud for me.

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