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Sennheiser HD 414

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by bat king, Jan 13, 2012.
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  1. Bat King
    For Sale
    Here is a fantastic pair of HD414s, I believe to be the `83 release (impedance 600 ohms). I love these to bits and hate to get rid of them but I am moving (back) overseas and need to pare down my collection to save on moving costs. I picked these up a year ago from a fellow head-fier.They are wonderful sounding and ever so comfy, they are quite unintrusive sonically so they are great for a bit of background noise if I am reading, or gaming. And they`re a great piece of history!
    I shall let the pictures speak for themselves as far as cosmetic condition goes. Sorry but I forgot to take pictures of the driver coverings, they are undamaged and look good as new. They sound brilliant and have no sonic issues at all. The black pads are apparently stock, however I am including a pair of barely used yellow pads as well for those who prefer the old school look. The box is in fair condition and isn`t broken, just a bit worn at the edges.
    Feel free to ask any questions or request more pictures via PM. I am located in Australia but will ship anywhere. I will charge actual shipping, please ask me for a quote. 
  2. B[van]
    hi, could u let me know the options for shipping to Singapore? Thanks!
  3. mikijh
    Are the HD414 headphones still available?
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