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Sennheiser HD 25 1 II

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by doorbell, Dec 14, 2014.
  1. Doorbell
    I have wanted these headphones for a couple years now and thanks to a gift card from Best Buy, I was finally able to buy them. 
    The thing is, I am starting to regret the purchase. I read that they were great with portables but that was a couple years ago. Any newer threads from 2012 and on, say that they need a amp if used with a iPhone. 
    Can anybody clear this up for me? I don't really want to carry a amp around when i'm commuting to school and back.
  2. zazex
    I'm not sure if they "need" an amp.
    But if they do with your iPhone or whatever you're using to drive them,
    doesn't Best Buy have a return policy?  Or at least be willing to let you
    exchange them for something different, they sell loads of stuff obviously.
    If that's not an option, for whatever reason, they're highly saleable on the
    secondary market.  They are a highly regarded, good quality product.
    And they sell new pretty much at list price, or close to it.
    Also, any particular reason you don't want to use an amp?  They'll sound 
    better with one, and you can get an amp today that's small, good, and
    inexpensive.  A couple of large rubber bands or other (there are many)
    to "attach" it to your source.
    Take a look at this, for instance: 
    So IMO there are definitely some work-arounds for your situation.
  3. Doorbell
    Thanks for the reply. I guess I just have to wait til they show up and give them a try. As for a amp, I'm just not a fan of carrying around more than I need to. I own a fiio e7 and e17, and they are both prortable. I just don't want to carry a amp if I don't have to, you know? 
    Thanks again. If anybody else has had experience with the hd25 and iPhones, feel free to chime in. 
  4. UprightMan
    you should buy Hp's that don't need an amp then... I've had them and they do much better with an amp... the Custom One Pros you likely wouldn't need an amp for instance...
  5. rocoloco
    I just received my HD 25's today and coming from a Monoprice 8323 I must admit I expected a bit more. I hoped I will be wowed. The sound is more detailed and dynamic, but I expected more in your face sound with sparkly highs. For now my source is LG G2 and macbook air. I got a feeling they definitely need an amp.
  6. kfarndog
    The HD25 are brilliant - they don't always require an amp but will scale up if you provide one. That said, I think you have run against the limitations of your source if you aren't hearing a significant upgrade from the Monoprice to the Sennheisers.
  7. rocoloco
    Will buy an amp. Don't want to write too much negative opinions until I squeeze more juice out of them.
  8. zazex

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