Sennheiser HD 201
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Aug 1, 2010
im new at this forum :D and i wanted to say first of all that im from argentina so im sorry if my english isn't very good :) . Yestarday i bought the Sennheiser HD 201, here isn't as cheap as in US but besides that my first impression was: "what the **** is this crap!" i plugged it to my PC and i could notice that it "vibrated" (i dont know if that's the right word but something like that) in some parts with bass and also with the treble. i was really dissapointed, i thought it might be that the windows media player EQ was fk'd up but even with all in the middle it'd still vibrate, so then i thought it was because of the response frequency (21hz-18Khz) and i was sayin damn why didnt i buy thos phillips Hp460 with a response freq (15Hz-28Khz) but anyways i didnt think that senheisser would make such a crappy headphones. i mean i've read that the responso freq. was important but not that important, i mean i friend of mine has a technics rtf300 with a frequency of (5Hz-27Khz) and its not that great.. and those are cheaper than this sennheiser.
BUT, then i plugged it to my ipod nano (16gb) and i gotta say that the sound was really really nice, it was absolutely different than the sound i was getting from my computer, and i really liked it, even though those technics Rp-f300 i tried were a bit louder i liked much more the sound of this sennheiser hd 201 which has a shorter response frequency. So my question is, why do i have this problem with my pc? is it the sound card? i had another headphones before and even though i could notice also some vibration but not like this, and also because this were new headphones and i couldnt believe it'd sound that bad. Thanks! :D
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Mar 20, 2010
Probably the sound card. I too have a terrible integrated soundcard on my laptop, and all headphones I have used sounded horrible on it, until I got my Fiio E7. THANK GOD DACs like this exist.
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Jul 2, 2009
Yup, I think that the Senns are superb, but in my experience nothing sounds good out of my old Dell or Sony laptop. The headphone out is a tiny addition and not with the audiophile in mind, mostly.

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