Sennheiser Game One upgrade
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Mar 30, 2020
I've had a pair of Sennheiser Game One for 3 years now and i love them but i feel like i want to upgrade to something more. I use them mainly for gaming (all kinds of games like: League of Legends, WoW, CS:GO, Warframe) and also a lot of listening to music (also all kinds of music) I am playing on an Asus G750JZ laptop and i don't have a dac or amp. This brings me onto my next question, is it even worth buying a new headset/headphones with external mic or should i just get a dac/amp to improve the sound quality of my Sennheiser's? Also i don't have a preference between open and closed-back headphones, it's quiet where i live so it doesn't matter, but as i've been using open-back for 3 years now and FPS games require more soundstage i think the choice is obviously going to be open-back?
Waiting for suggestions.

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