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Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

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  1. kjk1281
    On August 30, just one day before the opening of IFA 2012, Sennheiser announced their newest premium portable headphone: the MOMENTUM. The headphone is claimed to marry premium materials and minimalist design with clear and detailed sound. Specifics are still scarce, but expect to hear more about the Momentum in the coming days.

    The Sennheiser MOMENTUM is set to hit stores in Europe beginning in September, and in the US later this fall.


    PRESS RELEASE: Experience sound with all your senses - MOMENTUM, the new headphones from Sennheiser

    Sennheiser USA - Press Release - 9/1/2012 - Experience sound with all your senses - MOMENTUM, the new headphones from Sennheiser

    EDIT 8/30: Pics courtesy of Jude and pricing info from Rosmadi of Sennheiser

    EDIT 9/15: Link to Jude's review

  2. Swimsonny
  3. .Sup
    I am buying these as soon as they are available. I just hope they sound similar to HD6xx series. Well done Sennheiser!
  4. rovex
    A circumaural HD25? Just what i needed.
    Night Crawler likes this.
  5. halcyon
    A remote and a non-detachable flimsy cable. Ughhh... no.
    Other than that, looks very interesting. The styling is very good.
    Of course, the proof is in the pudding...
  6. Kunlun
    If it improves on the hd 25's sound for a reasonable price, that'd be great.
  7. jchandler3
    Love the aesthetics.
  8. dweaver
    hmmm between this and the new Sony MDR-1R this could be interesting... They both look well designed and I really do prefer circumaural.
    scrypt likes this.
  9. SuperStoneRose
    Exciting stuff - some sales will need to happen to fund. The sennheiser signature is something I often miss with only the IE8i's on my owners list at the moment! Had the HD800's but long gone, these may be my first back in to over ears with them.
  10. jude Administrator
    Though the cable is thinner and flexible, it doesn't feel flimsy at all (to me). It also comes with an audio-only cable, with no remote/mic. (I don't have that cable with me right now, but I think it's the same as the other one, in terms of thickness and flexibility.) I prefer a thinner, more flexible cable when I'm on the go, and I'd prefer a cable this thin and flexible for, say, the Amperior (which has a pretty thick cable).
    And the cable is detachable. I uploaded a photo I just took to the gallery to show the cable detached. (Sorry I didn't include a cable-detached photo in the set in the first place.) When the cable is inserted, it definitely does not look like it would detach because the plug seats quite deep in the cup, leaving just enough of the plug body sticking out to look more like a typical strain relief on a captive cable. Here's the photo:
    By the way, here's a link to the Sennheiser MOMENTUM unboxing photos I posted.
    I think I'll be posting first impressions of this headphone today or tomorrow, but I really like it. It's not what I'd call a reference headphone, per se, but it's very well executed for what it is (in my opinion).
    bhaskarjyotik likes this.
  11. dweaver
    Look forward to your impressions Jude.
    What is the MSRP going to be on these bad boys?
  12. .Sup
    thanks for the pic Jude!
  13. K_19
    Always interesting to see a closed-back Senn. I'm wondering if they'll ever release a "reference" class closed back headphone though. 
  14. .Sup
    That's hard because right at the beginning with closed you loose the wide sound stage. So a minus already on the drawing board.
  15. Sennheiser
    MSRP for the MOMENTUM is US$349.95.
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
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