Sennheiser G4ME Zero modding help
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Jun 14, 2011
I have a pair of Sennheiser G4ME Zeros and I am interested in modding them. I have always disliked the sound of them. I have always felt that they lacked bass and had weird accentuated mids and recessed highs. Really disappointing considering the price of them. I won them at a gaming event so please don't tell me I should have returned them or made a poor choice buying them.

Anyways I figured the "porter mod" for the PC 350's would work for the G4ME Zero but they are not constructed the same. I took the earcups and the driver shields off and have taken out all of the screws but the drivers do not come loose. There is no fabric hiding any extra screws like the 350's. Seems like Sennheiser has changed the construction a bit on the Zeros. I just can't figure out how they come apart. If you take the screws out and try to pull up the driver it feels a little loose but seems to be attached still in at least 2 places. Like an idiot I thought that the extra screw might be under the paper at the top of the driver so I punched a hole in it.... Definitely changed the sound so I did it on both sides. Probly need to fix that now too. Any assistance in modding these or any help on getting them apart would be greatly appreciated.

attached a pic of the inside.... I have put the screws back in but it gives an idea... With all the visible screws out it's still very attached. Also shows the holes I made looking for screws... Not sure how to repair those either.
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