Sennheiser earpads

  1. Ad123
    I have pxc550 and hd4.40bt
    Storage with sillica gel and always clean after use. 7 month and hd4.40 give sign pleather earpads have freckle and going to crack soon.
    My question is. The earpads is include in warranty 2 years from sennheiser or not ?
    Anyone know the replacment earpad for hd4.40 maybe from another brand like beyerdynamic (i have this brand and for 5 tears more and still like new) or other brand which hopefully more durable and larger size (inside hd4.40 a little bit skimp. 30 to 50 mm more space around ear is appreciate)
    Also for pxc550 if someday it turn as easy to crack as hd series.

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