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Sennheiser CX500 vs. MEElectronics M9

  1. Modified Bear
    I currently use sennheiser CX500 IEMs but I recently ordered a Cowon J3 and they came with a set of MEElectronics M9s.
    I had a look and they cost about the same.
    What I want to know is it worth using the M9s over the CX500s?
  2. Modified Bear
  3. WisdomListens
    Try them both?
  4. DaBomb77766
    Yeah, really, it's entirely up to you.  Just listen to them when you get them and make the decision for yourself.
  5. natashaful
    Here is the problem, No matter how much you ask which is best, You will get no closer to which one you will like when you buy them, The only sure way to know which of the IEM's listed you like, Is actually to try them because everyones tastes and impressions are different, Even on the same products.
    Ask to test before you buy allmost always the store will open them if they think they will atleast sell one of the two.
  6. Modified Bear
    Eeeh, it's just that the thing is I'm not sure if I'll be able to return them if I take them out of the packaging.
    I'll probably test them anyway
  7. derycksan
    personally haven't liked the cx series, bloated bass and not much of anything else.  the m9's bass extends more and over-all the sound was more balanced.

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