Sennheiser CX400 vs. UE 2 (or something else?)
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Feb 13, 2008
This is my first post on these forums and like many others I've been overwhelmed by the knowledge you have.

Anyhow, I was looking for a pair of in-ear headphones to spend around 50$ on and i've come to the conclusion that Sennheiser cx400 or Ultimate Eears 2 is the way to go. Most reviews I've read about the 2 tend to agree that it is better than the previous Senhheiser model cx300, but how does it compare to the cx400 model? They are about the same price.

First of all how is the SQ when you compare the two? Highs, mids, bass?
Secondly, I've heard that the 2 has a very robust build quality which is a plus since I'll be using it with a portable mp3 player, how does it compare to the cx400 in that aspect? Thirdly how good is the noise isolation of the headphones compared to each other. The last thing I want to know is how scratch-noise prone they are compared to each other. All in-ear phones has problems of scratching noise when the cable touches clothing etc, but which one has the less of these two? I heard the robust cable of the 2 was supposed to dampen it a bit.

The reason I decided I wanted one of these two is that they are supposed to have a good sounding bass (controlled and not boomy like they say the cx300 has). I listen to a lot of trance, but I also listen to classical music and downtempo ambient/electronica, so I am looking for a comfortable and balanced listening experience. Most of my music is compressed mp3s in the 256-320kbps range.

Other earphones I considered was the ATH-CK7 or the Shure se210 (would have considered stepping up in price for the se210s if it wasn't for the not so good bass and the wearing them behind the ear design which isn't so practical in everyday life).
I would consider the Sennheiser CX95 if they have a noticable improvement over the CX400 and if they are available at a good price (they seem to be hard to find and 130$ from is way too high for this model that is supposed to be a little bit better than the cx400 don't you think?)
Do you have any better suggestions for robust in-ear phones with a good bass in this price range or did I get it right narrowing it down to CX400 and 2?

Wow this was a long post, but hopefully it will be of use for many others like me who are looking for practical in-ear phones with good bass and balanced mids/highs at a good price.
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Welcome to Head-fi . . . SORRY ABOUT YOUR WALLET!

I have not headr the X400, but can tell you that your understaning between the CX300 and 2 are correct. The bass is defintely strong, but much mroe controlled then the CX300.

I think the build quality on the 2 is ridiculous. Much stronger then the Senns IMHO. Amazon has the best prices on the Metro's $54.99 shipped

UE 2

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