Sennheiser CX300 - Novice question / EQ
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Nov 17, 2008
Hi everyone,

First post here. I hope my question has not been raised too often!

I just purchased a pair of CX300 on Amazon (direct, not Marketplace - too risky!) and am trying to get the best possible sound out of them.

To give you a bit of backround, I am totally novice in this world and was used to Apple's stock earbuds on my 2gig 2nd gen iPod nano (on which I mainly listen to pop/rock and lounge music). The CX300 are a replacement for these and my first half-decent earphones. This is also the first time that I have to use in-ear phones.

Right now, the sound I get from the CX300 is good overall but not totally satisfying. In a nutshell, it is very bassy but a bit muffled. Can it be so due to the earphones going deeper inside my ears than Apple's earbuds?

I'd actually like to get a few recommendations as to how set up my iPod EQ properly and be able to obtain a sound which is at the same time bassy AND clear/crisp. E.g. do I need to shut it off, go to the "flat", "high" or "vocal" setting for the earphones to sound like they should?

The iPod EQ feature is nice, but not fully customizable. Also, it is a bit difficult for me to know which setting on the iPod corresponds to e.g. a V-shaped EQ setting (i.e., if I remember correctly - please shout if that is not correct -, lots of highs, not much mids and halfway through lows).

Many thanks for your help!
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Feb 14, 2008
I've had CX300's in the past, and I'm using my old ones atm because my Audio Technica's broke.

I think generally they are just very bassy and quite muffled out of the box. Coming from iPod buds, I'm not surprised that you're finding them very bassy, as the apple buds struggle to produce any deep bass that "hits" you.

It's a matter of letting you ears and perception of what sounds good adjust. When I went from CX300's (Bassy and muffled) to Audio Technica CK7's (Enphasized high frequencies) my ears would suffer from fatuige from the ammount of treble, but eventually I learned to like them, and not rate them as much better than CX300's.

About the EQ, I'm definately no expert, and am an amature like you, but the iPod EQ is fairly useless, and only distorts what you've already got, but if you want to reduce the ammount of bass, of make it sound like there's less, the bass reducer or treble booster will do this.

On itunes, when I select treble reducer on the EQ (which I can only assume is the same as the one on the iPod), the lower frequencies remain flat, with the higher frequencies become more pronounced. Bass reducer lowers the bass, but leaves the higher frequencies looking flat.

Hope this helps, I know I've rambled on a bit.

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