Sennheiser CX180 Street II or Sony MDR EX110LP or Xiaomi Piston 3
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Aug 13, 2015
I am not a audio geek..nor do I have any last pair was sennheiser mx 170 and i found them really good
I listen to everytype of music and not a crazy bass fan but not mind having good bass supported Earphones..
I am looking for in ear Earphones and Shortlisted these 3 kindly someone suggest me which of them is best and a brief reason for ur answer also so I can get a bit hinge of ur views
Also,Should i spend extra and invest into SONY MDR XB30EX..they are expensive and i won't spend a penny more than what they cost so that'll be maximum I will spend also suggest me if any other earphone set near its price range but my basic priority are one mentioned in title so please suggest better one among mentioned in title and if there is any other you wanna recommend feel free to add..i will take a look into it also
Thanks for any response..
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Just my 2 cents.. The Sonys are quite decent for the price.. They have a healthy amount of bass.. Sure it won't shake the ground beneath you.. But it makes its presence known.. Unlike its bigger brother the MDR-XB50ap those will rattle your teeth out of your mouth, and considering they can be picked up for $35 from Best Buy, not bad at all.. Back to the point.. They offer a recessed mid sound with the bright highs we all know Sonys to sound like.. (Well.. Their Dynamic drivers at least) The only real issue with them.. Is crackling when the volume is turned up too high.. It tries its best to give you everything they've got.. And do a VERY good job at it until they hit their peak.. Then it falls apart.. Bass becomes muddy, mids are tubby, highs sibilant.. But.. Once again.. For $15.. How much SQ can you honestly expect?
The Xiaomi Piston 3's have been fantastic especially for the $20 I paid for them.. I got them in a couple days ago.. And have been burning them in.. So far Very clear to a slightly higher volume than the Sonys.. If the Sonys were good to 8, these Pistons would be good to 9.. Bass response is noteworthy.. I would say Articulate.. Not fast either.. Listen to a beat that has too fast of bass, and it struggles to keep up.. But.. Honestly.. How many can at this price point? Lol..
I sadly can't speak for any Sennheisers.. But have heard really good things about them.. One last thing I will say.. If you go with the Xiaomi.. Go with Piston 2's than the Piston 3's.. Build quality a tad better.. Plus because of the metal housing.. It provides a bit of brightness and Timbre you won't get from any of the aforementioned earbuds. Hope this helps.

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