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Sennheiser CX 400-II or another one?

  1. honk
    Ok i hope someone can help me out. I'm looking for IEM's at around $65. I'm quite new to these other kind of headphones.
    I was about to get the Sennheiser XS400 II for $65.- till someone pointed me to Head-Fi.
    Are there any headphones in this pricerange which are better then the XS400 II? I find a lot of opinions and reviews about all kind of pairs
    but i can't really figure out if the XS400 II is actualy the best bang for buck or if my moneys best spent otherwise.
    edit : mostly listen to blues,guitar stuff,techno and electronic.
    edit2: sorry,just noticed i started a new thread, should have been in the designated topic but i can't seem to replace it[​IMG]

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