Sennheiser Amperior with Arcam rPac
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Jan 5, 2013
Just bought the Sennheiser Amperior and they are wonderful. Have done about 50hrs of listening through my MacBook and Spotify. I know spotify is not the best source for Audiophile grade music but for me 320kbps is pretty good. Amperior provides great instrument seperation, soundstage is a bit small but expected from a closed back design. All in all I love what I here from these headphones. 
So I wondered how good they can really sound with a dedicated DAC/AMP. 
Searched my wallet and found £134 and decided to buy the Arcam rPac. Hey the thing got a 5 star rating on WhatHifi and Amazon reviews are all 5 star as well.
Got the thing today hooked it up and low and behold I hardly hear any difference between the Audio jack from the Mackbook Air and the Arcam rPac. Not much difference in the Soundstage, or instrument seperation, maybe the bass is a bit tight , but the highs are the same clear and crisp as expected from the Amperior.
Was I wrong to buy a DAC/Amp for the Amperior as it is already a sensitive pair of headphones 18ohms. Did I expect too much? Where have I gone wrong.
Feel like either I should sell the rPac or upgrade to a more expensive pair of headphones.
My home audio setup is Cyrus 6 , Cyrus 6CD and B&W 601 S3. So I am looking for the same quality of sound from my head-fi setup. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Or would love to hear from someone who is using a Amp with the Amperior.
Thanks All. This is my first post on Head-Fi and start in good Portable music experience. 
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Mar 8, 2010
Hi, in my experience the Amperior sounds pretty much the same from any decent headphone-out. Perhaps a tube amp would give it some nice coloration if you are into that sort of thing but otherwise, don't expect a huge difference.

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