Sennheiser Amperior way too harsh sounding (treble), hurts eardrums, hd 25-1 sounds VERY laidback in comparison
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Jun 29, 2015
hi guys,
1. i have had these headphones for around 3 weeks now. When i listen to music on them, they pretty much hurt my eardrums (I think its the higher frequencies). Mind you, i should use the term "uncomfortable feeling", the pain is mild but will be there after using them for 30 minutes. I compared them to the hd 25-1 and this simply does not exist, when i listen to music my ears (eardrums) feel relaxed and i get that "lost in music" feeling, how ever when i listen with the amperiors i do not feel relaxed at all (eardrums), always some this sort of pressure/stress, the amperiors are softer on the ears but not for the eardrums. Its as if someone is shouting in the background during the music (i cant hear the shouts but i can feel the uncomfortableness). The is mainly felt with higher frequencies (vocals, piano note etc...), however throughout the whole song i get this uncomfortable sensation. When i switch back to the hd 25 everything feels relaxed again, no pressure, no high frequencies shouting at you , as if you just had a pee after you wake up and let go of all that pressure. The amperiors do not sound bad in any way, they sound excellent, just feels like the headphones shouts the music at you, makes is annoying/hurt), and it exists all the time. its not something that i have to take them off immediately for, but it builds up pretty fast. Is this common for the amperior? I feel they are way more V-shaped than the hd25, i feel as if the frequencies in the hd25 are much more balanced, giving music a much more smooth and pleasant sound, compared to the amperior, where i feel as if its a bit of a mess, each frequency demands its own attention, which is i think why i get that "lost in music" feeling when listening to the hd25, where the amperior sounds more all over the place. 
if it makes any difference the hd 25-1 are my brothers (they are currently not with me) and have existed for atleast 7 years, where as the amperiors are refurbs and i have had them for 3 weeks and used for around 50-70 hours. Out of these hours i have used them for maybe 10 hours, the rest is pink noise
2. Also, just something i wondered, but when i first got them, the vocals on tracks sounded very recessed (mids were quite recessed), as if they were veiled behind something, but now i can hear them quite upfront. Is this my ear getting used to it or do the headphones change upon usage (talking about burn in, im convinced it exists but the change is quite big, seems like only the brain can do such a vast change)? 
Just to make things clear, when i listen to these headphones, i do not feel pain as if something is directly hurting me. its more of the annoying pressure/sensation you get when someone talks too loudly next to your ear and it gets uncomfortable. I listened on the same volumes for different headphones (sennheiser cx300, hd25, marley xlbt and other headphones lying aorung the house) and this simply does not exist. Even when the volume is louder on those headphones i dont get this feeling. And these headphones still sound better than all of them.
thanks, and sorry for the long post.

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