Sennheiser Amperior Impressions Thread
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And now a stupid question..... :-D

Wich amperior would be nore prone to show wear, scratches, etc., on the cups? The blue or the silver one? I am asking this because on the video from jude on ces with the sennheiser representative, when talking about the amperiors the sennheiser guy says that the blue one is anodyzed(???)...

Are they both anodyzed or what thehell that is or just the blue one? Does the anodyzing (??????) process makes the painting more resistant to wear?

Stupid i know..... :-D
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Hi Pedro,
Stop over-thinking it, just do it!  lol
If you don't like 'em, you can always sell them for a few bucks less than you paid and get something else. I do things similar to what you are doing: analyzing and evaluating, etc. I find when I "over-research" a product before I buy it, I end up not liking it as much. :)
Curious to know how you and your Amperiors (or HD25's) get along after you've spent some time listening. I'll be watching this thread!
LA Mitchell
Mar 6, 2014 at 12:44 PM Post #680 of 1,054
HD 25 and Amperior, I think get any of the cheapest. I don't think can go wrong with these two.
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And here is my silver amperior's

I'm so pumped

My silver Amperior sound very bad out of the box. Now improving day by day. Weee....
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The blue and silver sound identical as they should, the sound out of the box was exellent for me

That's a good sign as it implies that there's probably not a very large amount of standard driver variance in the Amperior which is always a good thing!
Mine also sounded great out of the box and haven't changed other than my getting used to them.
Mar 12, 2014 at 1:25 PM Post #688 of 1,054
Guys, when a website mention cable length 1.5 meter, I wondering if the measure from where the cable split or started from the left wire (black connector)? I'm thinking of getting my self HD25 cable but I don't know how is their measurement. 1.5 meter from left side cable will be too short.
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durability: 9.5
  How would you guys compare the Amperior to the Momentum over-ear as far as comfort, durability and sound quality goes?

I'd say they are more comfortable after you break in the head band clampiness, just bend the band the opposite direction until perfect. Durability they are strong but the cables that come with it became intermittent where it connects at the source, this is after 7 months of use, i would say that i babied them because i use them at the gym but sennheiser sent me a replacement cable no charge. I love the sound quality! It is very forward sounding with the treble, it feels like the singer is in front of you, and the mid bass is beautiful, it really makes music fun.
I absolutely hated the momentums, the comfort wasn't there, my ears are average sized and could not get a nice fit. The durability is there, I'm sure with the amazing quality materials it will last many years, sound quality is flat sounding that is very dark, I missed the sparkle from the amperiors, I like my music to sound lively so it was a no brainer to keep the amps. 
Its all about your preference, if you like neutral dark sounding headphones (momentum)
if you like a fun, great overall headphone, the amperior is for you
Mar 20, 2014 at 7:44 PM Post #690 of 1,054
Just got my Amperiors on Monday night and have been breaking them in before passing any judgements. CD player on random repeat: 24 hours with Iggy and the Stooges, 24 with Ministry, coming up on 24 with Mike Oldfield. Initial (quick) listen blew me away with the SQ, but given the reservations that others have expressed about problems with brand new Amperiors, I'm continuing burn-in until Saturday before actually wearing them for an extended period.

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