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Sennheiser 6XX - Affordable Custom Cable - Ursine Vs ImpactAudio Vs Mimic Cables


Which company made the best affordable cables?

  1. Ursine Audio

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  2. Impact Audio

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  3. Mimic Cables

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  4. Best in Verse

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  5. Other Option.

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  1. vickie2006
    Hello everyone :)
    I was looking for Custom cables, Because the stock cable of the 6XX is too short and the Y splitter isn't comfortable for me.
    So i looked over the internet for people who make custom cable by order, That do not will break my wallet.
    There are a lot of Snake-oil in this type, And i know that 3th party cable doesn't improving the sound much.
    Build quality, Structure, length and flexible - are my top reasons that i want to buy custom cable.
    There are three options, that i have found: Ursine, ImpactAudio And Mimic Cables.
    I want cable 9ft cable.
    Which one is the best?
    Do you have another afforable option with the same material?
    Furthermore, International shipping are important.

    Thank you everyone.

    Edit: Add best in verse cables.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2017
  2. cossix
    Why not go with the HD650 stock cable? It's insanely long and the y splitter is not a problem for most
  3. vickie2006
    I really like the material that used with ursine and impact, Much more braided.
  4. cossix
    Very true! I haven't had any experience with braided cables but I'm sure plenty of people use them for their 600/650!
  5. Dulalala
    Best way is to make your own. It isn't hard and it's much cheaper.
  6. rkw
    You asked for custom cables, but don't forget there are also many pre-made (not custom) aftermarket cables, very affordable.

  7. vickie2006
    There are plenty of people that using the 6XX, It don't mean that the cable are bad, But i want different cable for different situation.
    How not hard and how much expensive??? :)
    For the senn one, i will consider it.
    But for the other one's in ebay, the problem is that you can't what is high quality and what doesn't. And you can buy cheap one, and they can destroy your can and the gear itself.
    And the price range aren't the subject, people tell that they buy 50$ cables, and the quality was bad.
    I learn it from DMS3 that show it here:

    So i can't take the chances to destory my gear because i was greedy to pay less.

    Thanks for all you help :)
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
  8. rkw
    I've only had experience with Impact Audio, and I'm very happy with their cables. I purchased a balanced cable for HD6XX, and then a MMCX balanced cable for IEM. High quality and materials at a reasonable price. Everything is custom made, and if the website doesn't list the exact option you want, you can just ask for it.

    Although braided cables probably don't do anything for the sound, they are very nice for a premium look and feel.
  9. Dulalala
    No more than around $15 if you know how to solder.
  10. vickie2006
    As i write, i know it didn' t improving the sound, i want it, most because of the build, look and length.
    How much did you pay?
    I can try to work with solder, but i never used it before, so what is thw solder difficulty level?
  11. rkw
    His Etsy store usually lists the cable options and pricing, but at the moment it only shows connectors. Perhaps he is in the middle of updating the site. I got his standard braided 8ft Sennheiser cable a year ago and it cost about $70.
  12. vickie2006
    Standard like ursine?
  13. rkw
    I believe yes, although I can't confirm until Impact Audio restores their cables page. The fabric casing looks the same as the Paracord on the Ursine site.
  14. vickie2006
    I try to contact them for a price estimate, send three messages, didn't get any response, for some reason...
    70$ for paracord and 8 ft, is great.
    If i know from where to buy the diy items and how to do it. I would do it myself... But for 70 bucks, i would preffer that someone with knowlage deal with it, from the beauty to the solder, and just the diy parts can get up to 30 $ without shipping...
    So will wait for them to respone.
  15. rkw
    Impact Audio is just one person (Lindsay). He might be on holiday break.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the other businesses are also one-person operations. These things often start out as someone's audio hobby and they discover that they could make extra money with their free time.

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