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Senn IE80 / RHA T20 and more for sale

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by stenog, Aug 21, 2016.
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  1. stenog
    For Sale
    I don't use these phones anymore so trying to sell them. They are all in very good condition and all less than 8 months old. Prices are with Paypal fees but without shipping. Shipping is with tracking number, around 30 Euro within Europe. If you buy more than one I will give a very good price or just give me an offer :). I am relative new here, so if you are a long time member and/or a trusted member i will consider shipping before payment. Send me a pm!
    Pictures on request.
    IE 80 - Price 115 Euro - Sold
    Top condition but missing a few stock tips. I will provide Comply foam if needed, these are the only i got a good fit with.
    RHA T20 - Price 125 Euro - SOLD
    Mint condition and all accessories.
    ATH-CKR9 - Price 95 Euro
    Top condition - missing one stock tip. I will provide extra tips, you will most likely don't get a good fit with stock tips.
    No name iem - 115 Euro
    Not sure i am allowed to name this iem at head-fi :). Chinese import, great bass, slightly bright treble. Quality iem for the price. I prefer Shockwave 3 over this one. PM me.
    ZhiYin QT5 - 115 Euro - SOLD
    Mint condition and all accessories. If you are not familiar with this, check out the dedicated tread.
  2. Ksweene5
    PM sent
  3. Decommo
    PM sent.
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