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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by FYB-2, Sep 14, 2018.
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    Selling my <1yr old Senn HD650 and Valhalla 2 (in blk). Am going 'portable' and the HD650 simply drains the battery on my M3s too quickly (~2hr). Includes the original boxes, packaging and all in excellent condition. $275 for the HD650 or $500 for the HD650 & Valhalla 2 (an excellent match to the HD650). Will include a Sakira 2.5mm TRSS balanced cable for an addition $35. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Would consider a trade of some sort for a pair of Grado 325e or RS2e or Audeze LCD-XC (much easier to drive and will not run down the battery in my M3s). Thanks.
    HD650 & Valhalla2.jpg
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  2. omegaorgun
    I'd trade you for my xduoo TA-01 with extras if you were needing a tubey amp dac.
  3. FYB-2
    Thanks, but not interested in options other than those listed.
  4. omegaorgun
    sr 225i?
  5. FYB-2
    Thanks, but no.
  6. Appl314
    Price for the valhalla by itself?
  7. FYB-2
    Valhalla is SOLD. Thx.

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