Senn HD555 impressions
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Feb 7, 2006
Received the 555s in the mail last night. a bit underwhelmed at the bass response but ipod EQ does help some. it's amazing to me that the px100s outperform the 555s on bass response.

i am impressed however with the 555s "airiness" and presence. good midrange and treble also. i'm on the fence with them right now waiting on burn in. may give them a good week to burn in. these may go back to amazon unless somewhere here can try to convince me otherwise.

i was also considering the senn hd595s but the previous poster discouraged me from getting them since i wasn't going to be using an amp(yet,considering something in the $30-50 range, maybe a Airhead)
do the hd595s justify the $100 price increase?
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the 595 was a new revelation for me. the comfort level was high enough to justify a 200 dollar jump. but at that price you can get a 650
either way, ive seen used 595s floating on the sale/trade forums for 120 shipped. new you can get em for 170 if you look around.
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The PX100 might have more quantity of bass, but it's definitely muddier. The bass will increase with burn-in like nick said.
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Well, I was also disappointed by quantity of bass on my HD 555's. It got a lil bit better after approx. 10 days of burn-in, but anyway, they still remained a bit weak on the bass. So I solved it using EQ and I am pretty happy with them
And yeah - PX 100 has more bassy sound than HD 555, but the bass clarity on HD 555 is much much better !
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the bass on the 555s are non existent out of the box. They will turn out to have deeper and cleaner than the px100s. don't worry. The px100s sound thin with instruments yet muddy at the same time around the midbass compared to the senn 555s after burn in. songs with deep bass that you thought didn't have it on the px100s will have it with the 555s

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