Senn HD 600 with ALO SXC Cryo cable!!
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100+ Head-Fier
Nov 30, 2007
i think that my hd 600 has reached a new benchmark.
I come from the pro audio world so i always try to be analitical
and correct about my reports and opinions.
The new ALO SXC cryo cable for the hd 600 is something that really unleash
all the potential of this fantastic headphone.
The sound is very very neutral.You have a nice and balanced reproduction
of the entire frequency spectrum.
The audio chain starts from my mytec 96 dac to my Lake People G100 headphone amp
connected through balanced vovox cables.
The cable need at least 72 hours of burn-in.
The famous hd 600 veil has been clearly removed.The headphone has speed
and clarity with tight bass warm mids and crisp highs.
I think ALO Audio has beaten the nail in the head combining
Ohno continuous cast mono crystal copper with silver.
The cryo treatment for both wire and plug has certainly had it benefits.
I'm really satisfied with this cable and to be honest my search has come
to an end because i think that this cable is superior to my previous equinox
and aps v3 cable.If i try to master or mix some audio tracks with this combo
what i hear through the cans is what i hear through speakers.

The enitre listening session has been done with music material i'm extremely familiar with.
Songs from Peter Gabriel,Pink Floyd,Donald Fagen,Dream Theatre and some Jazz track at 24 bit 96 khz.

Just to clarify things i'm not in any way associated with ALO Audio.
Im just a former audio mastering engineer who really love to hear
music through headphones using ALO Audio products well made by a high talented man named Kevin Ball.

He really deserves a celebration of his skills.

What else can i say??

That this cable is highly recommended!!




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