Semi portable, comfortable, full size headphones, for ipod classic use, around the house use mainly
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Hifi Man

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Jan 18, 2013
I'm looking for some advice on what headphones I want to get. Until a a couple days ago when I started looking for a pare, I haven't had much knowledge about headphones. I've looked up review after review and nothing seems to help me find which headphone are right for my tight budget and my needs. 
I'm looking to spend under 300 dollars, and only above that if an amplifier is absolutely necessary. Open headphones could be an option, because these will be for at home use mainly. I listen to a lot of rock music. See for yourself what I listen to. Obviously I don't only listen to rock, I have over 800 artists in my library.
I was thinking about biting the bullet and just getting audio-technica M50 headphones. Perhaps there's a better pare? Is there perhaps an amp and headphone combo that would sound better than the audio-technica headphones for under 300 dollars?

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