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selling two of my E12 DIY( the limited edition that can change opamp)( price adjusted)

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  1. furyagain
    For Sale
    I am selling two Fiio E12 DIY  for 100 each
    I never really used it ,as i have bought two of them
    It will include all the opamp and buff that come with the unit.
    I am selling for 100 dollars included shipping to US or
    120 Canadian dollars included shipping to Canada.
  2. JoeDoe
  3. avitron142
    PM sent.
  4. 7keys
     I thought I was negotiating a deal with this guy but he just stopped communicating with me....go figure. 
  5. avitron142
    He was responsive to me [​IMG]
  6. 7keys
    Then why do you look so blue? [​IMG]
  7. avitron142
    That you couldn't get a deal with him! [​IMG]
  8. furyagain
    7 keys
    as you said you want to pay using money order or bank transfer,
    and i only do paypal , that was why i don't bother replying anymore
  9. 7keys
    I only asked, if you wanted to go Paypal I could live with that.
    Anyhow.....no problem!
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Not open for further replies.

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