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Selling / buying woes...

  1. bogginhead
    I'm not sure if this post is in the right place or not, but I could use some advice on something.

    I purchased a DAP on the Trading section of the board from another user (depending on what I'm advised to do I'll be happy to give the user name). The DAP was paid for last Friday, as the seller said he was in a rush to ship. I assumed they would ship Saturday, but this wasn't the case and they said they'd ship on Monday. On this past Monday I asked if they might have any tracking information for me. The seller told me that they didn't have it, but if he found it they would take a picture of it and send it to me. The next day, after asking another question (and feeling that something was off), I was told that they wouldn't be finding the shipping info, and that the DAP (a Hiby R3) was actually shipped on a day USPS was closed (this past Sunday). The seller, this entire time, has acted angry any time I've had a question or concern about this. They finally did tell me that the item was shipped by USPS, after dodging the question numerous times. I have to admit that, because the seller acted angry because of the PayPal fees they'd have to pay I paid them thru the "friends and family" part of PayPal (I know, I know). Now they haven't responded to my messages or texts in two days, and supposedly they're on vacation. I haven't received anything, and thru USPS Informed Delivery I have no packages coming to my address still.

    I'm assuming I've been scammed here. What action can and should I take?
  2. ksorota
    I feel your pain as I have been burned through the bay in the past (very recently actually). It sounds like you may have a negative situation on your hands...USPS is generally pretty fast with shipping, but I suppose not all hope is lost.

    Did the seller have any positive or negative feedback? Have they been a member for a long time and contribute actively? I always make sure to check the sellers feedback and forum activity to give me more confidence in the purchase.

    With F&F I think your only recourse is to give a negative review and warn others that you were scammed.

    If it were me then I would warm the seller about your intention to leave negative feedback and wait for a response. If you get no response and no purchase item then you can be pretty sure that you never will.

    Good Luck!!!!

  3. bogginhead
    Well, they've been on here since 2011, and have 4 total feedback responses in that section of the site (all positive - 2 sales, 2 purchases). I appreciate the response. If I don't get any response as of in the morning, I'll leave negative feedback and post on the *scam alert" thread. Possibly try contacting PayPal to see what they can do, if anything.
  4. buke9
    Take a breath and give it till Monday. I know it sucks being screwed over but I would give it a few more days as they said they were vacationing ( yes don’t believe it either) but it won’t hurt to wait a bit longer. If you don’t hear from them by then by all means let it be known they can’t be trusted from here on out.
  5. ksorota
    I agree, I would wait until I heard a response, oror Mond (whichever comes first) before accepting the worst case scenario.

  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Maybe he was rushing to ship because he was heading for a vacation, and he seemed angry because there's less time for conscious pleasantries (and may actually type out in annoyance) when he's not going on vacation alone. Think packing for tiny kids that can't pack for themselves, making arrangements for any pets he can't bring, packing suits and dresses if the family is attending somebody's wedding on some beach somewhere...
  7. CoryGillmore
    Man I don’t give a damn what he has going on. When someone puts the trust in you to pay with the family and friends Paypal option you take every inconvenience you have to to put the buyer at ease. You shouldn’t even have to ask for tracking information.

    Even if he does receive the item I’d still be leaving negative feedback. Having to ask for tracking info is enough of an annoyance when you’ve basically gifted someone money over Paypal. Then not responding for even a day is completely unacceptable. Espcially when he’s left you hanging on tracking info.

    I’ve bought and sold quite a few item on head-if over the years and I’ve always used family an friends option on Paypal. And when I’m a seller in that situation I’m always very much on top of my communication with a buyer who has placed their trust in me to not take their money and run. Which anyone has the power to do without repercussions when you gift them money through Paypal. This is why it’s even more important to not leave a buyer waiting for tracking info or any other response.

    From what I’ve heard so far, no matter how this situation ends up, this seller is a selfish douche. Even in the item is in the mail on its way.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You're not wrong but given we didn't exactly see the exact messages the buyer's standard for what counts for douchey replies could be anywhere from "wow this guy's a total douche" all the way to "wow this guy is absolutely not going to get a job in sales."

    Also USPS was closed last weekend because my Dad works there. Only the sorting facilities were open, but they don't receive nor deliver mail. If he was on a tight sched he's probably even more stressed to find out they're closed.

    This goes both ways though. Seller might actually be a total douche, but I wouldn't use PayPal Gift on anybody I don't know either. If the buyer didn't actually use that option there would be less stress on his end and just contact PayPal to refund, and therefore would not have to get paranoid if the guy is scamming him.

    But since it goes both ways, if I was selling anything, I wouldn't ask to get payment as a PayPal Gift. Though the thing is I wouldn't use PayPal at all and sell locally for cash because stupid PayPal does not allow withdrawing money in my country unless I have a merchant account because the government thinks that terrorists will get oil money.
  9. konstanzzz
    Could it be possibly a sold account? Not sure how common those are around here but people do buy and sell "established" accounts in order to scam others.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  10. bogginhead
    Thanks for the responses, guys. They responded and said that they had been working so much that they were "confused"; they had told me Monday that they were on vacation. Now they say they shipped Monday, thru snail mail. I asked whether they used Priority Mail, First Class, etc. Both of those are trackable and should show up with USPS Informed Delivery (my packages from Hungary and China were trackable all the way to my home that arrived today). USPS also told me today that they're not really backed up as of yet for Christmas and New Year's; all mail and packages are delivering on time.

    They asked me to give it until Monday; I told them I would wait until the end of the day Saturday, and that if it arrived or even shows up thru Informed Delivery I'd let them know as soon as it did.

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