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Seinheisser HD 25 ii Question!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by headfimaniac, Jun 26, 2012.
  1. HeadFiManiac
    These cans are on amazon for $200. Are they worth the money for a good quality isolating headphone for someone who enjoys all genres of music? 
    The lack of soundstage also concerns me...
  2. extrabigmehdi
    I personally  think you can get both better isolation, and sound quality with iem.
    But if you want absolutely that kind of isolation/ "comfort"...

    Lacks of soundstage doesn't matter too much if you listen to pop , rock, hip hop.
  3. HeadFiManiac
    What kind of iems would you suggest?
  4. extrabigmehdi
    Well,  I  like the senn IE7 better (much richer bass and better clarity )  , but these are discontinued. Anyway I'm getting very soon the yamaha eph-100, because clarity is my top priority.
    Some claimed the eph-100 sound even better than the ie8 / ie80. I'll have to wait end of week, to see if I  reach eargasm with them.
  5. Crazy Sam
    Hey. I just bought these cans (via b&h, check them out, adidas version is same $200 pricetag as solid black). I must say they are very versatile, in that they will spit out pretty much what they are fed. When I say this, I mean if u feed them hip-hop, rap, and pop, they put out punchy, tight and detailed bass, and allow you to do what beats say they can, hear those things you just couldn't b4. For example, I can hear Snoop's voice on Dre's Chronic 2001, commenting in the background, that I could never hear, even with similar senn cans, hd228. Very durable, and the isolation is really incredible for on-ears. Back to my statement that they spit out what they are fed. I literally had them arrive 5 mins ago, however I've managed to get into some of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and I must say the detail is superb. You expressed concerns about soundstage, and I must admit as much as I am eargasming right now, the instruments are a tad cramped. It's not horrible, but its noticeable. When I say that, I mean I have no trouble imaging and feel as though I am surrounded by the strings, or sitting in the studio, however you can't really take an 'audience' or '3rd person' seat with these cans. If I had to recommend them to you based on one spec, it would be isolation. It really is astonishing, can't hear TV, or the road, or the house right now. 100% Value, I must add, and Sennheiser is excellent about their replacement policy. Those hd228s i mentioned are my second batch from Sennheiser, the first had a cable problem, and they were replaced without question. Sorry about the lengthy post; I will be writing a review soon, and this sort of became a rough draft.
  6. fabio-fi
    They are a great all rounder headphone. But you cant have it all..
    i got open back headphones because of their small soundstage, for home listening mainly. 
  7. HeadFiManiac
    I can't choose between the 25's and the Shure SRH840's.
    Anybody have any opinions on the matter...
  8. extrabigmehdi
    Lot of resonances in the tiny cups of the hd25.  Probably the reason of the congested soundstage.
    I'm sure it won't be hard to outrank the hd25, with lot of a full size headphone, and at a similar price.
    These are not audiophile headphone, merely a headphone that offer a "convenience" factor, with good isolation, and built quality.
  9. OrbitingCow
    I would honestly say no. I think these are way overrated headphones with absolutely very little of that audiophile quality. It is why I am debating just getting a high end pair. No more monies for cheaper phones because they all seem to lack something. I really did not like these but they were pretty comfy.
  10. HeadFiManiac
    ugh....  Should I get them

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