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Seeking suggestions on cheap entry-level DAC/Amp for brothers Sennheiser Game Zero headset

  1. Lazermatt
    Hi folks, my brother was curious when he noticed my amp/dac (FiiO E06 and ELE EL-D01) so I let him try it out on his PC with his Sennheiser Game Zero's and he reckons it made a big difference, so he's looking to buy something of his own to improve the sound. Does anyone know of anything cheap that would work well with it?
    He has never owned an amp or dac and would rather not spend a lot of cash as he's a poor college student so something cheap like what I have would be ideal.
    He never leaves the house with them and uses them on his PC primarily for gaming, YouTube and music.
    I don't know enough about it all myself to really feel confident suggesting anything to him, and you guys have never let me down. Thanks!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  2. serman005
    He might look into an E10K or a Q1. They are fairly affordable. He can also always look at buying used.
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  3. Lazermatt
    Hi mate, thanks for the reply. I'll let him know and see what he thinks.

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