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Seeking a bathtub rated HP

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by skwoodwiva, May 14, 2018.
  1. skwoodwiva
    These are not.
    Paper cone ,
    These I abused these in a BT & I thought they faulted. Not so. The are fixed now. ...

    These are maybe,
    Sony mdr1. Also abused but still sound the same In contrast to the P7, poorer.

    The Damar/driver fix to the P7 seem better then stock, I cannot be sure.

    Now, real Saran wrap is a fab moisture barrier. I will see is a layer effects the P7s...

    All for now
  2. Bern2
    I'd bring a portable bluetooth speaker with me and put in on the loo.....

  3. skwoodwiva
    Not O enough, I need my sound fix when not feeing well, I shower normally.
    1 hr min, so hot I need a fan to cool my chest. So would not work anyway.
  4. NBigbee
    Not enough because of sound quality or volume?
  5. SHAMuuu

    excellent idea

  6. skwoodwiva
    Both, fan noise trumps all.

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