See MOONDROP planar PARA, CD player, and 2DD+8BA flagship IEM!
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Exactly that.
Little cute transport for home use, which can be also taken away and used with headphones if that's your thing.

Ps. With optical out I would be very interested in trying one.
What they've designed instead is the inverse of that. It's a cute transport for portable use that can also be brought home and used with your main system if that's your thing.
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Wow, no digital out for the CD player? That's a big miss ... still might buy it because I've been looking for a compact CD player but it would be so much more valuable with digital output.

It seems like CD players are having a moment with several new affordable transports being introduced in 2023 ... I wonder if secondhand CD purchases are on the rise?
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joker ($79) after the void ($199)
para ($299) after venus ($599)
wonder if moondrop will release something cheaper but better after moonzero ($999) lmao

hope the para will be lighter than venus cause the moondrop somehow didn't change the position of cable socket for some reason :fire:
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I' m back to the 80's with portable cd
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I honestly really like the design of the PARA.
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Can you guy’s release a full sized cd transport with the same visual aesthetic of this cd player?
Thanks for your suggestion, we'll think about it. :smile_phones:
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@MOONDROP when will the Dark Saber start shipping?

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