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Security in big venues

  1. pkwak
    Ok, now lets brainstorm and find the middle ground.
  2. qusp Contributor
    why are we doing this in open forum? i recommend you search out people that have been in your position and ask for advise. i think we were getting pretty close already, there are plenty of suggestions in the thread already and i do not think there is much more to say, 
  3. svyr
    I suggest you consider sleep and PMing previous large meet organizers instead :D
    suggesting to discuss security protocols on a limited budget in an open function is not a good idea.
  4. mitos
    I reckon, PM the guys that have previous had meet experience. ie. the Can Jam guys, Jude and definitely the guys on the Meet forum.
    Dont stress too much, Paul. You're doing a great job.
    Edit: If people have suggestions, I recommend they PM pkwak. aka Paul directly. As qusp has raised the issue of sensitive  information, it should not be discussed so openly.

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