Seattle Super Can Meet, Sunday 2/5/17 impressions.

    This meet did not disappoint. Premeet was great. Heads were blown just by all the stuff we got going on up here. When a Dante trainer makes the meet to see what we got going on with the AOIP setups. New head-fiers showed up with great gear. Home made tube amp and pair of Focal Utopia's. To me the vets seem a bit happier. We are a jolly bunch but the rigs that showed up were really top notch. I know that there were a bunch of pic's taken so I do hope they post them soon. Just a few thoughts.
  2. Seamaster
    It was a good meet, a lots information, and I glad I made it. The downer, there was no beer, which should go well with music and chats. I really loved Tjj226 Angel's setup the best, better than my own setup. His amp was powered with EL34 that paired with very humble front ends such as a broken computer, dragon fly DAC, some radio shack wiring, and music from YouTube, but sounded awesome never the less. The presentation was digital less, balanced, and emotional. I cannot imagine how good the amp will sound with better front ends. Tjj226 Angel good job on your project, I see you really understood the soul of the music reproduction. 
  3. johnjen
    It was a great meet with all kinds of interesting gear and setups.
    I'll write up a report and include some of pics I took of the AOIP setups.
  4. ericr
  5. gefski
    Great way to spend a rainy day ---- HeadFi-ing! Fun talk, checking out many combos of super gear, listening & toe tapping. A few highlights for me:

    Really enjoyed someaudiophile's Focal Elear. Transparent & detailed, very natural, no hot spots anywhere.

    Big Poppa sure has the HD700 working in his system. I sunk right into it. Previously, HD700s have never been an OK experience for my ears.

    Atomicbob, thanks for the really fun Dante connect-up and listening "variations". It's great to see what it can do in the Pro Audio world!

    Too crowded at muziqboy's rig to sit in. Guess I'll have to pay extra for a reserved seat next time.

    There are more and more cans at meets with balanced connection that I would like to plug into my setup. The Audeze at the Gungnir/Mjolnir setup, for example. My Stax rig runs balanced, but not my dynamic amp & cans. Guess I'll travel with adaptors in the future.

    ...and please, please, don't make me listen to 'Hotel California' again. :confused_face:

  6. johnjen
    So I'm still work'n on my write up, but other audiophool projects have demanded my time of late.
    Most notably is the introduction of a Jggy into my system which I am now listening to even as I type this.
    I'll attach the pictures, dial in the text and post it here 'soon'.
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  7. johnjen
    Ok so at long last I finished my post on the meet
    With pics no less.
    Our 1st HeadFi meet for 2017
    Well it had been a while since we all had a meet and there was a WHOLE bunch of developments since our last meet back in 2016.
    And at this meet we were treated with 2 major treats and several other unexpected treats as well.
    Several local audiophools have picked up the baton of AOIP (Audio over IP) and run with it.
    Of note were Atomic Bobs rig, along with gefski’s and Musiqboys.
    They all were running the Dante network with Rednet and Atterotech DDC boxes feeding their dacs which were a mix of Mike Moffet designs, a Theta, a Yggy (Yggdrasil), and a Bimby (Bifrost Multibit) and a Moby (Modi Multibit) along with their amps and assorted HP’s.
    These 3 setups were all connected via a Dante digital audio network and were able to ‘interact’ with each other.
    This ability to patch the digital audio stream from one location to another is inherent to the Dante network and we even had a Dante technical engineer on hand to observe what we were creating.
    We believe this is a first for a headphone meet where 3 different users each with unique computers (an iMac, a NµC running windows 10, and a laptop also running Win10) were able to send and/or receive any players output to or from any other player.
    In fact Atomic Bob was able to ‘patch’ the output from gefski’s iMac to his own laptop, run that signal thru his DSP stack (which applied several EQ and spatialization optimization ‘adjustments’), then feed it back to gefskis dac and amp and headphones.
    All in real time.
    This ability to ‘patch’ the digital audio stream from one playback system to another, and then back again has some amazing potential, most noteably if someone wants to hear what an ‘optimized’ and customized playback experience using EQ and a variety of DSP plugin sonic tweaks can deliver on THEIR system.
    One such is the SW Immersion Virtualizer which moves the sound field out and away from inside your head.
    This is a desirable sonic quality that many seek.
    And there are many other DSP plugins that can be used to tailor the SQ to better match what and in the way we desire to hear our music.
    The routing and s/w needed to accomplish this is a bit complex but needless to say AB has the setup to make it happen and make it look easy.
    The second treat was hearing Musiqboys dialed in system.
    It took it a while for the system to warm up and start singing but once that happened the Realness began to shine thru.
    I especially liked it with my set of 800’s but then of course I’m biased that way…  :D
    And I hope that those who did hear his setup will chime in and add their comments as well.
    I also got a chance to hear the Focal Utopia’s on this setup.
    And I must say I did hear some mighty nice potential, but they needed more break in hrs before I would come to any conclusions.
    And I do look forward to being able to hear both the Utopia’s and the Elear’s, that are well ‘seasoned’, in a back to back comparison in the future.
    And there several other setups in attendance as well but I didn’t get a chance to delve into them very much and I hope others will post about them.
    But I did get pictures, so I hope these setups will get identified and a description added as well.
    All in all the time just flew by and by the time I knew it, it was time to pack up and head out.
    Sorry if I missed your setup but the time did just whizz by and then, I was helping pack up to leave.
    I’d say it was a landmark meet in many ways and I hope that we will continue this trend in the future.
    So in closing, we get 'em started early at our meets…  [​IMG]
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  8. Tim Le
    Hey guys, I live in Everett, WA, and I'd love if we could organize another meet in the Seattle area! I'm not sure if I should start another thread or not, but it'd be nice if we could have a couple confirmations to attend.

    I'm a student and I just finished my last final, so I'd love to share some gear with you guys :)
  9. Thenewguy007
    What headphone cable are those super thick braided ones for the Audeze & HD800 pictures?
    Was it custom made or can it be bought?

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