Seattle Summer Redhook Meet 7/25/2015
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May 1, 2014
Another successful meet!  Thanks to Big Poppa and everyone that helped set this up and make it happen.  What a great group of people, friendly and very helpful to talk about their gear and the latest improvements.
Like others, I want to give a shout out to Justin and the HeadAmp display.  The GS-X MK 2 is ALL THAT.  He said this was the unit that will soon be on the way to Tyll and his super hi-end headphone shootout/testing.  It's certainly worthy to be included!
Also, to have the LCD-3, HE-1000 and the Stax 007/009 with the Blue Hawaii amp to compare was over the top!  Thanks so much HeadAmp!
I had a good listen to the HE-1000.  Boy, it is extremely good in my opinion.  However, my friend that was with me  wasn't that impressed  Guess it goes to show YMMV.
It was my first listen of the HE-560 and that set of cans is on my hit list for a planar addition. I liked it a lot.  The HE-400 and HE-400i were also pretty darned good.  I heard the 400 out of an O2 amp and it was surprisingly good!
Also my first listen to the Holographic "Ear One" from Sweden.  I never even heard of this one before!  I tried it with a few headphones, but I have to say that when paired with the HD-800 it was remarkable.  It has an onboard "mixing" function like the Phonitor 2, but not as elaborate with a single push button that I tried.  Sounded pretty interesting!  It also has a variable output switch so that high and lower impedence phones can be used.  At any rate, the Ear One is now on my want list!  Clean, but with enough low end grunt to make it happen with the 800.  Very nice.
Just a HUGE thanks to all that attended and shared their knowledge and gear with all of us.  I learned a lot, and have some following up to do with my own system!  At the moment listening to the T1 with the WA2.  We have a great hobby!
Happy Listening!
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Feb 5, 2015
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Quick and likely dumb question. There should be plenty of chairs... Right?

Anyhow, will see some of you soon for breakfast!

 My fiance and I had a great time meeting everyone. It was awesome to hear so much of the nice gear! I didn't get to try more than 25% of the gear I wanted to hear. I really apologize for those who were in line to listen to the M11, NFB28 and Zana Deux. There was unfortunately a lack of seating in our corner. It was jammed packed with gear and no place to sit and listen.We want to thank everyone that stopped by to listen to the Norne Cables. I think they were quite popular and hope those who purchased one will thoroughly enjoy it. I tried to get discount codes to those who want to order a custom cable to their own spec. I hope everyone can give their honest feedback of their impressions of the cables in the Norne thread. We look forward to attending some of the future meets...preferably smaller and more quiet meets. We would like to do more critical listening next time. :D
I hope someone got some photos and videos of the event. Miceblue??? didn't you get some photos and maybe video?
:) I think I saw you get some good coverage.
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Sep 5, 2014
Thank you to Big Pappa for hosting this event.  Also to Head Amp, 1964 and Norne.  

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