Seattle Spring Meet at BottleHeadquarters 4/25/2015
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Jun 8, 2006
Perfect weather to take a boat ride to Bainbridge island. The great folks at Bottlehead have invited us again for our spring meet. Queen Eileen and Doc B are the nicest hosts you can ask for a Head-fi Meet.
When: Saturday April 25, 2015
Time  : 1pm to warm up tubes, 2pm for solid state gear
Where: BottleHeadquarters
             9415 Coppertop loop
              Suite 101
             Bainbridge Island WA 98110
             (206) 451-4275
Please let me know if I need to help with carpooling or help with gear for the meet.
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As far as Bottlehead goodies go we will be demoing the production version of the Bottlehead DAC and we may have another not-so-little surprise to show off.
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I know that the DAC was years in the making. So very very interested listing it to it on my rig for a minute.
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I hope to have a Pulse Xfi before the meet.  I hope.  And I hope it doesn't suck.  Cause I need a good DAC.
I just got Focus-A pads today for my HE-560.  Finally.  Now the HE-560 doesn't suck.  I can actually listen to it now without the midrange shouting at me.  My goodness the stock Focus pads were a bad match for that headphone. Really bad.
Gear potential for me:
LCD-2 rev2
HE-560 with Focus-A pads
Pulse Xfi
Cavalli Liquid Fire
PonoPlayer along with a balanced 4-pin XLR adapter
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Sweet, I'll try and make it as well. Not much new gear from me since last meet (Just an ATH-M50X and OSTRY KC06A) but it would still be very fun to chat with everyone and try out other people's new gear. 
Edit: I will be driving up from Tacoma (hopefully, assuming my car survives the trip to Tacoma from Walla Walla) in my hunk-o-junk Oldsmobile if anyone needs a ride and doesn't mind riding in a crummy car.
Also going to go ahead and mention @triodesteve here so he sees this thread. 

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