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Seattle / Redmond Meet?

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  1. Kevincav
    Are there any Seattle meetups? I kind of want to get out there and listen to all the things I'm window shopping for. I may not be able to afford them but would love to try still.
  2. Kevincav
    I've hosted a meetup at microsoft before, it would be neat to do again as well.
  3. Soundsgoodtome
    @BIG POPPA usually gets everyone together at different places. We've done a few out there in Fall City/Woodinville area before, I'm sure he'd love to coordinate with you on a "Microsoft Meet"
  4. Tjj226 Angel
    Do it. I would show.

    Just make sure it is a quiet spot at MS :dt880smile:
  5. Soundsgoodtome
    If they play it right and word gets out to MSFT workers there's a meet with a few companies and members of trade selling at a 'meet special' you could probably get MOTs and companies to come with booths as well.
  6. ericr
    Also, the Seattle meets are quite popular so you'll need a rather large room.
  7. to mom
    I’m in if this happens.
  8. ZeeMox
    I would love an eastside/MSFT meet. My work commute is kind of massive so going to Seattle is possible but a drag.

    I have some LCD-XC's I'd bring with an ifi BL, sure would love an opportunity to try these out on some other amps/DACs.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  9. Kevincav
    I'm sorry for disappearing randomly, moving and work got busy. There's an audiophile group at msft that I can reach out to. I'll reach out to BIG POPPA on here to see what we can do.
  10. thegabe
    I'd be interested in joining. I'm on the far opposite corner of the state but I made it up for one of Big Poppa's meets last year.
  11. HeartOfSky
    Hey, you!

    I'd love to participate, as well.

  12. HeartOfSky
    Is this something you'd be interested in?
  13. progosaur
    I'd be super down for a meet!
  14. Muziqboy
    There should be a meet coming up soon at Bottlehead in Bainbridge.
    I believe it was sometime in May of last year when we had one over there.
    Big Poppa should be announcing it soon hopefully.
    He's the organizer of meets here in the local Seattle area.
  15. Soundsgoodtome
    The meets in Bottlehead HQ might be a little daunting for some with the ferry ride across the sound but after going to several meets all over King County area I can tell you that it's well worth the effort getting out there. The Bottlehead meet is one of the better spots due to the ability to spread out all over the building. The listening is much quieter, the systems become more available (specially @Muziqboy who ALWAYS has a que to listen to his rig) because everyone moves about. And best of all great hosts!

    For those that can get to the Downtown or Edmonds ferry, people are more than willing to carpool with you across the water to the meet should you not want to navigate in the peninsula.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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