Seattle meet?

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  1. DiRtYMeATCuRTin
    so anyone around here from the last 13 years that's not just trying to sell something?
    like, I'm actually interested in meeting up with locals in my area and i'm not talking about type stuff either!
    let's get the Seattle, western Washington crew back together and do something as a group!

    seriously though, baring the spam above it's been 13 YEARS since the last post in this, sluffing guys! lol
  2. Soundsgoodtome
    There's usually 3-4 meets in the Seattle area every year. Keep an eye in this forum section for the next one. Last one was in August at Woodinville.
  3. Cantrell
    Dang... so maybe another 1 before Turkey day or just after New Years then?

    Maybe we need a mailing list or something to schedule and notify of get togethers?

    I'm new in this aspect... what all goes on at these things?
  4. Soundsgoodtome
    Usually there's in December, smaller one in West Seattle typically, but if I remember right there's usually one between the Summer meet and December meet. Maybe not... ? @BIG POPPA is the one that usually gets this all together, maybe he'll chime in.

    You can also join the FB page SeattleCanMeet
    Working on it
  6. wtnwin111
    do we have a settled date and location for the meeting?
    yes im gonna post it. it is on the fb page in my sig
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